Thursday, April 23, 2009

Does The End Justify The Means:Torture and Treason

The question of the day is “does the end justify the means?”. America is in a turmoil over this question and it has divided a country. Torture is against humanity and should not be allowed by a civilized nation. Treason for political gain is also not an option for a democratic republic. Neither action torture nor treason can be allowed to occur in a nation of laws. A Nation built on justice will not stand for a government that uses any method necessary that is politically expedient. The last administration justified torture because it saved American lives. This administration bowed to the democratic political base and committed a treasonous act in order to satisfy the insatiable desire to punish an administration they hated for 8 years. In the minds of many “the end justifies the mean” but does it really?
America was attacked in September 11, 2001. I remember the day well and like many Americans will never forget where I was that fateful morning. It is a day of infamy that is embedded in our collective memory. Much like Americans will never forget where they were on other fateful days in American history like November 22, 1963, or December 7, 1941, Americans will never forget September 11, 2001. As the dust settled that fateful morning and we as a country understood that there are groups that hate America and what we stand for America panicked. We went into full alert mode and passed laws that interfered with American ideals. Our government passed the patriot act, our government spied on Americans with illegal wiretaps, and our government wrote memos defining “advanced interrogation” techniques. Our government instituted policies that wreaked havoc on American idealism. In the face of darkness America made irrational decisions. A civilized nation built on individual freedoms passed laws and instituted policies that took away freedoms in the name of security. In the end we have lost both our freedom and our security. We were attacked that fateful morning but our reaction was irrational. We struck back out of anger as a collective and unified nation. Where was the voice of reason when we needed it most? Had we as a country slowed down and calmed the fears of a nation we may have been able to rise above the fray and developed a rational reaction. Instead out of fear we jumped the gun and allowed our privacy to be invaded, allowed our rights to be taken away, and allowed torture to happen to our enemies.
I understand we took matters into our own hands and defended America and her values. The torture quite possibly stopped further terror attacks and saved us from the evils around the globe. It was easy to wrap ourselves in the American flag and call ourselves patriots. However, at the end of the day we resorted to using the tactics of our enemies. We as a country understood our dangerous enemy. We understood that our enemy would go to great lengths to destroy our way of life. It was an extraordinary time and required extraordinary action. The reaction required rational thought and leadership and instead our government huddled in fear and outrage and made irrational decisions the lacked leadership and judgment. The shadows of September 11, 2001 will be a dark period in American history. Our government in totality destroyed America. The voice of reason and rational leadership lost in a fit of rage. The government led the lynch mobs and allowed us to trample on the freedoms we love. In the end we are unable to justify our actions. We are unable claim the mantle of responsibility when we acted out of rage.
Now we have another period in time where an administration selectively released damning memos that fit their one sided argument. There is a cry for justice against an executive administration. Our government now discloses partial documentation that sheds a damning light on a narrow segment of our government that committed a terrible injustice. The intended target is the executive branch even though the atrocities were committed by the government as a whole. The Congress is just as guilty as was the administration. The democrats as much at guilt as the republicans allowed us to give up our freedom in the name of security. Our governmental leaders fell in line with the lynch mob mentality. Yet now when it comes time to answer to a calmed and rational public our current administration desires show trials. Trials and hearing that focus only on select individuals for political gain. Our current administration only released documentation that would infuriate the base of the democratic party. Our current administration only released documentation that shines a light on the past administration forgetting the involvement of the government as a whole. We have a president that committed treason for political gain. By declassifying memos depicting all of our techniques both legal and illegal we gave up state secrets to our enemies, all in the name of political gamesmanship. Never mind that Congress was entirely read in on these reports and memo’s. Never mind that Nancy Pelosi never said a word when the masses demanded retaliation and revenge. Never mind the democrats took a sideline approach and went along with the lynching until the political winds shifted in their favor. The documentation that shows where American lives were saved be damned. Documentation showing who knew what when be damned. Our government failed us and now we have a President that is willing to commit treason in an effort to appease his political base. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Our government was wrong to torture, wrong to take away rights and freedoms, and wrong to deny what was happening. But it also wrong of our government to now step up and selectively release documentation damning one side of the aisle. There is plenty of blame to go around.

The end of course does not justify the means. We as a country sometimes will cut off the nose to spite the face. We demanded action and cheered the results. We did this all to ourselves and allow our government to continue to be reactionary. We allow our government to make fools of the people. We allowed the government to take away our freedoms in the name of security and we are allowing a showboat to put on a celebrity hour all in the name of politics. Releasing half a story is not right. Releasing any of these classified reports is a sin against the country. We are all complicit in this. Both political parties are accomplices. The only way back on track is to now have full disclosure and force those responsible to resign from office. Our government has failed America and divided an electorate. A government of the people is no longer by the people. We placed our faith in government to do what was right and instead received a government more interested in following polls. Our country will remain divided down political lines as long as we as a country allow our politicians to enact laws and policies that expedient and appeal to the mob mentality of the day. We need leaders not followers. Our government is too busy passing laws that are popular today, damn the ramifications of tomorrow.

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