Saturday, April 4, 2009

A divided America

The pathetic pawns in the Main Stream Media decisively split America and know spew endless hatred towards the right and conservatives. Charles Blow wrote an editorial in the New York Times that is nothing short of ridiculous. Blow's piece is terrible and in short it "Blows". Blow says the American Right is "apocalyptic". The right is bad and the leaders are molding the conservatives into militias. This is a bold statement from a left leaning rag on the verge of bankruptcy.

Blow must have been absent from the world yesterday when Obama said "the only thing keeping the business leaders away from the masses with pitchforks is the Obama administration. Blow must have been absent when the radical left wing extremists group ACORN took bus loads of angry left leaning mobs to threaten violence against AIG leaders. Blow is just absent from life if he is unable to see that the pathetic pawns, the liberal left, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have started class warfare in America. This class warfare has been an underlying problem for quite sometime. The leaders of the left have pushed an agenda intended to keep the masses down all the while claiming to lending a helping hand. The left does not understand that doing what is right is not always fair. They push the liberal amendments to our constitution and trample on the conservative amendments. The left takes advantage of the First amendment and trample on the second. The left pushes that it is unconstitutional to curtail the act of gay marriage by claiming it is an individual right. However, by the time we get to the second amendment the same left leading leaders would strip individuals of the right to bear arms. This even though the second amendment explicitly says "no individual right to bears arms shall be infringed".

The left has been busy dividing our country for years. Immediately following the 2000 election the pathetic pawns in the left protecting media proclaimed the country was divided after a close election result that did not favor their chosen candidate. Then four years later the same pathetic pawns claimed it was apparent America was still divided. Now all of a sudden the left has their chosen candidate and the right is supposed to immediately cave and simply agree with the socialist policies of the left. The left screams racism at every turn. The left has angry mobs threatening business leaders and yet the pathetic pawns like Charles Blow continue to remain blind and have the audacity to say the right is apocalyptic. America is under siege and the American left has started a war amongst her citizens. This class warfare will only further the divide. Pathetic racist pawns like Charles Blow need to wake up and take a look around. America is divided and will remain divided until a leader from outside the establishment reigns. The left started a civil war with their class warfare. The right is simply protecting themselves from a communist regime. With editorialists like Blow is it any wonder the liberal rags are going out of business?

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