Monday, April 13, 2009

The Despicable Left

The Daily Kos is nothing but a hate mongering tabloid website. The diarists from the site have shown their disdain for America and her true heroes before but today "KLS" diarists crossed lines that should never be crossed. Captain Phillips willing gave himself up to become a hostage to save his crew of the Maersk Alabama. Captain Phillips was held captive by a band of Pirates from the Anarchist State of Somalia and even with his own life at risk never wavered. Captain Phillips was hero that attempted escape like a wily veteran of foreign wars.

However, the left moderated hate site called the Daily Kos allowed a diarist to post a despicable post. "KLS" claimed that Captain Phillips was grandstanding and called him anything but a hero. "KLS" decided that Captain Phillips should have acquiesced and allowed the pirates to hold not only him hostage but also hold the crew and cargo hostage while America negotiated a payout. In the mind of the left it was only money and we could have negotiated and paid freedom. The left it appears has no principle and would rather acquiesce than actually stand for something. To the left standing up for what is right is not heroic but rather grandstanding. To the left Americans should always be afraid and never stand up for themselves.

I guess the heroes of United flight 93 should not have taken matters into their own hands on that fateful day. The passengers should have just acquiesced and submitted to the demands of the hi-jackers. What they did in the minds of the left was not heroic. The passengers that took it upon themselves to retake a plane destined for mass destruction and death of more innocents were just grandstanding. The passengers should have just acquiesced and allowed the sky pirates to crash the plane into Camp David, the Whitehouse, or maybe even the halls of Congress.

I will never understand why the left is so against America and her heroes. America was born out of the sweat, blood, and tears of true heroic patriots. If America had acquiesced in 1773 and just paid the King's ransom America would still be a part of the crown and never would have existed. Of course the left has the desire to Europeanize America so maybe that is why they are so against modern day tea parties. Their secret desire is to just acquiesce America out of existence.

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