Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Darkest Before the Dawn

Arlen Specter has made a decision to bolt the Republican Party and return to his roots. Both sides of the political Aisle are spinning this decision in their own self interest lights. The truth of the matter is that Arlen Specter is almost a true political independent. Being an independent will make Specter as much a pariah on the Democrat side as his was for the Republican side. There is nothing wrong with independence and Specter while he made his decision based on political survivability rather than independent idealism, will become a thorn in the side of the Democratic Party.
Sure in the run up to the 2010 mid elections Specter will become the good little foot soldier for the Obama train wreck, but in the end he will betray the Democrat Party Principles just as he has the Republican Party principles. In the end this move that is be hailed by the coup of the century by Democrats in both the Congress and the Whitehouse will become the high water mark of the Democratic Party. No longer will the majority party be allowed to complain that the minority party is the Party of “No”. The Democrats will no longer be able to pass the blame on a Party in the decline. Having a Super Majority will force the Democrats to lead and will not have the Republican Party to blame things on.

This was eluded to by the President late last week when he railed against the Republicans for not supporting his stimulus package. Obama only wanted token Republican support in order to be able to pass blame later on if his policies failed. In an effort to shame the Republicans into showing token support in a “Bi-Partisan” Obama was laying the groundwork for blaming the minority party for his mistakes. In the end, the Republicans saw through Obama’s empty rhetoric and stood steadfast against the stimulus package. Now Obama will have the super majority forcing him to lead.

The Republicans will come out of this fiasco the better party. They lost an independent and will be licking their wounds for quite some time. However, just as when Jim Jeffords changed to the Democratic Party, the Republicans will learn and quietly gain prominence. There is a saying that it is always darkest before dawn. The Republican Party is in a state of disarray right now but that only makes the Party ready to accept a leader that will solidify the base and expand from the center of the party. In the end Obama will get many of his goodies through Congress. However, when Americans realize they have been bankrupted it will be the Republicans that gain.

Both political parties have failed America. It is high time the parties imploded and started over. From all appearances it will be the Republican Party that starts fresh while the Democrats bask in their glory. The Republicans are not in the wilderness as the left proclaims. The left has built a fragile coalition of special interest groups. When the bill comes due and the left special interest groups search their Christmas stockings and find the cupboards bare the Democrats will splinter far beyond the minor set -back the Republicans are faced with today. I wish Arlen Specter well he thought of himself and placed self interest ahead of the Nation. Had Specter flipped political parties out of principle it would have been a sign that the Republican Party was rudderless. That Specter changed allegiance out of ego and self preservation is a sign the Republican Party is a Party of principle and they will again come out on top. Don’t fear the cherry picking Democrats they will implode soon enough. It is their ship that is rudderless.

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