Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Liberal; Another Tax Cheater

The big liberal tax and spenders sure seem to have a penchant for cheating on their taxes. Barack Obama sure can't seem to locate an honest liberal when it comes to paying their appropriate taxes even though Joe Biden says it is patriotic to pay taxes. No wonder why it is so easy for democrats in Congress to increases taxes like the regressive cigarette tax (even though Obama promised not to "raise taxes a single dime on people making less than $250,000) when they themselves cheat on taxes. We all know it is easier to spend other peoples money than it our own. The liberals are just the ones that practice spending other peoples money while hiding their own. The Liberals only come clean on taxes when they are offered high level government jobs in charge of spending even more of other peoples money.

All we have to do is look into the background of Obama's nominees for cabinet posts. First we had Tim Geithner who secured the "advise and consent" of the Senate because he was so needed, in fact Obama said Geithner was the only person that could lead us out of economic despair. Geithner heads the Treasury department. Nice job on this on a tax cheat in charge of what else "Taxes". Then came Tom Daschle, his tax woes caused him to withdraw from consideration, then there was Nancy Killefer, another tax cheat that was supposed to be in charge of "budget and spending reform". Great choice, a tax cheat in charge of budgeting and spending. Then there was Hilda Solis, another tax cheat receiving the "Advice and consent" of the senate. Now we have Kathleen Sebelius, yet another nominee from the liberal left with a penchant for cheating on taxes.

Must be easy to raise taxes and spend trillions of dollars America doesn't have when you yourself don't pay the taxes due. Must be easy to spend what is truly other peoples money becasue you haven't paid your fair share. Must be easy to tell others how patriotic it is to pay more in taxes when you don't pay yours anyway. The thought process must be "go ahead sucker pay more in taxes in the name of patriotism, because we on the left are unpatriotic and fail to do our civic duty". This is a shame. We receive symbolic gifts from our allies and then stiff them with DVD's that don't work and IPOD's. Imagine the symbolic gifts we could give if just the rich elitist leftists in our country actually paid their taxes instead of cheating on them.

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