Monday, March 2, 2009

Yet Another Broken Promise

The Congress passed a $410 Billion Omnibus spending bill that is laden with earmarks. A bill that has 3.8 billion dollars in wasteful spending for just under 9,000 pet projects will be signed by Obama. Of course Obama and his thugs dismiss any criticism by saying that this bill is last years business. After promises of change and promises of no more earmarks this president will sign anyway. Obama and his thugs are becoming quite adept at breaking promises and then blaming the previous administration.

When is the passing the buck going to stop? Leaders like Former President Truman would say "The Buck Stops Here", but not Obama and his democratic Congress, no they keep passing the buck to an administration no longer in a leadership role. This bill breaks a major campaign promise made by Obama and his mouth piece Biden. They railed against earmarks and ridiculed the bridge to nowhere yet Obama will sign a bill that includes frivolous spending on removing tattoos. Our nation is in a deep recession and obviously this President believes spending money on tattoo removal is more important than our economic recovery.

Obama is busy running up the budget deficit in an effort to claim he was able to reduce the deficit in the future. Obama will blame Bush for his frivolous spending and this years $1.75 trillion dollar deficit even though it was the democrats in congress and Obama's own trillion dollar "Generational Theft Act" that will be the direct casue of the shortfall. Obama says he will only have $600 billion deficits by the end of his first term. I must wonder how the current administration will pass off a deficit larger than any other President as being deficit reduction.

Don't worry folks Obama will break many more promises as the State Run MSM falls all over themselves saying what a bi-partisan fellow we have in this man named Obama. The pathetic pawns are allowing Obama to pass the blame on Bush and give Obama nothing but praise for his broken promises. Obama's campaign motto should not have been hope and change but rather "pass the buck".

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