Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wounded Heores Must Sacrifice More than they Already Have

No further proof is required; the democrats are vehemently against freedom. Our wounded American heroes have paid the price for our freedom and now this administration and the Democrats feel they should bear even more of the weight of sacrifice. The wounded warriors know what it is to sacrifice and volunteered to protect our freedoms.
Freedom is not free and our all volunteer force is more than willing to pay the ultimate price for our freedoms. Our efforts as a country to keep our own freedom is paid for in the blood, sweat, tears, and lives of our military forces. The military is on the front lines of freedom and our government asks them to defend our freedom, protect our honor, and secure our national security objectives. Many military men have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Many more have been wounded and maimed in the name of freedom. Our country owes more than a debt of gratitude. We owe our wounded heroes more than a slap in the face, but that is all our wounded heroes receive from this inept administration and the democrats.
The President has pushed forward with a plan to make our wounded heroes pay even more for their sacrifice. Not only have the wounded warriors sacrificed their body parts now they must give up their hard earned cash to pay for the healing of their wounds. Obama believes our wounded warriors should pay for their recovery through private insurance. Our government no longer wants to care for the individuals responsible for securing our national security objectives. This administration has no problem providing billions to a failed auto industry but sells out our fighting men and women for a measly $540 million dollars.
Private insurers are not set up to deal with the unique injuries suffered by our troops. Our government made a commitment to not leave a fallen soldier behind yet when asked to pay the health costs of returning our wounded troops to productive members of society this administration scoffs and tells them to find another source. Our public government “orders” these soldiers to fight our nations wars and this administration turns around and says “but you better have private insurance or you will be out of luck”.
This lame idea of making the military pay for health benefits with private insurance is another gimmick employed by an administration with no ideas. This administration would make those that have already sacrificed all but their lives sacrifice even more. This lame excuse of attempting to save $540 million dollars at the expense of those that deserve the most will actually save nothing because the cost of health will significantly increase for all Americans. Insurance companies will have to increase rates to care for the catastrophic injuries incurred by our military. The soldiers will incur out of pocket expenses in the form of deductibles and may even find it difficult find appropriate insurance. Insurance companies do not like insuring pre existing conditions. It is unfair to insurance companies to pick up the tab for the government. This is irresponsible and unethical.

When we as a nation as our military to protect our freedom and secure our national security objectives we owe them more than a debt of gratitude. We owe the fighting men a women the health care they deserve. We as a nation should not slough this off on private industry. This is a bad idea and another gimmick from an inept administration. The liberal left has always despised our military and now they are proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Obama may claim he actually thought about being in the military but I highly doubt it. If in fact he did think about the military as a choice it was a fleeting thought as he passed the bong around with his friends. Those that have already sacrificed live and limb have sacrificed enough. Maybe it is time the liberals actually pay their taxes instead of evading them. If the liberal elite actually paid their taxes maybe we could come up with the $540 million to take care of our responsibilities.


heynsight said...

Yet another attack from the reprehensible right on Obama. What a surprise? What are/were the ACTUAL details of the proposal?

The reprehensible right is sinking rapidly into political oblivion, while their blowhards persist in screaming that "the sky is falling". They have absolutely nothing to offer the country.

The Lizard said...

Heynsight if you would read a little instead of attacking like a mindless bot you would understand. Just for you my small minded friend here is a link:


Anonymous said...

He's probably part of Obama's Truth Squad.