Monday, March 2, 2009

Why the Thrist for Increased Taxes

The liberals have an insatiable thirst for increasing taxes. currently liberals are floating new gimmicks to raise our taxes. Obama wants to implement a Cap and Trade program that essentially taxes the use of energy and forces all of us to pay these increases in our bills. It may seem like a tax on the corporations but it is we the people that will pay the freight. Mayor Bloomberg floated the idea of creating a tax on soft drinks and fitness centers. Gov Patrick Deval has proposed an increase in carbon tax at Logan International.

All of these tax increases and none ever effectively lower any spending. Sure Obama talks about cutting the deficit in half but only after he gets a bye from quadrupling the nations deficit first. Sure Obama claims slight tax decreases on the middle class but he hides his tax increases on the middle class by calling the Cap and Trade a tax on the Rich. I always wondered why the liberals were so willing to increase taxes and spend like drunken soldiers. Well now we understand the answer. Liberals can increase taxes and spend, spend, spend, becasue they are unwilling to pay their own taxes to begin with.

This all started Charlie Rangel. He misused low income housing for his office in Harlem. Then he took his money offshore and seemingly forgot to pay his taxes. He is under an ethics investigation as we speak. Then there was Timothy Geithner. Geithner failed to pay his income taxes properly and then became the man in charge of collecting taxes. Then we had Tom Daschle, he only owed $128,000 in taxes for failing to claim all of his income. Then there is Obama's choice for Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. It may have been her husband but there is little doubt Solis knew about the little issue of tax fraud, she only played innocent. What about trade representative nominee Ron Kirk? He is paying back taxes also in the amount of over $10,000.

I think I now understand why the liberals and democrats have such an insatiable thirst for increased taxes. It is easy to take and spend other peoples money. Of course it is definitely others peoples money because the democrats seem to refuse to pay their own.

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Anonymous said...

Now that almost all prominent Republicans have bowed to Limbaugh, and wish the government's efforts to save the economy to fail... now that they have shown that they would prefer being in power to the health of the that they have revealed themselves to be the narrow-minded authoritarian oppressors that they that we have seen the results of eight more years of GOP opportunistic war-mongering which profits the corporations of their cronies and costs the lives of your neighbors...

When will we admit as a nation that the Republican party is an unpatriotic conspiracy to maintain power in their own hands? No morality. No ethics. Sheer lust for power, and a desire to avoid taxes by headquartering their companies off-shore.

There are so many examples of their support for 'capitalism' as opposed to America, for their own idiotic, selfish veiws of what is acceptable behavior as opposed to the ideals of liberty that our Founding Fathers fought for, that I cannot understand why anyone could see this organization as anything other than traitorous to the ideals of America.

Lincoln would be ashamed.

-- kester