Sunday, March 29, 2009

Take America Back

Americans must rise up and take their country back from the politicians that have stolen our government from the people and gave it away to the elitists. The two party political system in the United States has robbed future generations of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No longer are Americans secure in the belief that the next generation will be better off than the current generation. No longer are Americans secure in the belief of individual freedoms. The career politicians from both parties polarized Americans and now have pitted the people against each other in class warfare. This class warfare has been in the works for at least a generation. America has not been unified with faith in government since the 1980's when America rallied behind a president that actually understood leadership and utilized the bully pulpit for the good of the American people rather than the good of the political establishment.

America is at a cross roads in history. We have an economy on the verge of implosion. The crushing debt Obama is seeking in his budget outline will take us further down the path of self destruction. The issue with borrowing trillions of dollars annually is the bill will eventually come due. We are fast approaching the point of perpetual indebtedness with no way out from under the crushing debt load. The Obama administration has proposed the largest budget ever and at a minimum doubled the annual deficit in his short 60 days as president. The pathetic pawns in the media hail this deficit spending as being populist and responsible. Obama supporters are quick to asking what alternative is there? The problem with deficit spending has never been that we borrow to little, the problem has always been we spend too much.

Tax revenue from the 2007 tax year set records. The evil Bush tax cuts actually generated more tax revenues then ever before, yet Obama supporters believe falsely that the tax cut was a tax cut on the rich. In reality the Bush tax cuts benefited every American regardless of whether they paid taxes or not. In order to understand how these lowered taxes benefited everyone we must look at the details of the philosophy. Lower tax rates on businesses increases the bet profits of a company. This allows companies to increase capital which in turn allows increased productivity potential. To capitalize on the potential more workers are hired. Unemployment is lowered as more people are working. The tax base is increased because businesses are making making more money in which to tax. This is all very simple, yet the left always called this trickle down economics. Obama's great oratory says we need to change to a trickle up approach. This is simply a idiotic approach. The bottom has very little money so after expenses there is nothing left to trickle up. For the left who always proclaims science this theory goes against the laws of physics.

Bush doubled our national debt in eight years. The republicans were hit with scandal after scandal. Bush rushed to war without a plan. The trial and error method of fighting a war cost America dearly. Rumsfeld's folly of believing we would be welcome in the Middle East as liberators was both naive and arrogant. American politicians waste more money daily then 99% of Americans will make in a lifetime. Yet partisan Americans only see one party as being better than the other.

We must seek out new alternatives to the drunken sailors in Washington. Americans are always voting for elitists and ivy league lawyers and bureaucrats. America will never return to being a government for the people until we vote for the people to represent us. We vote for elitists that really have no concept of what it is like in middle America. They no not the perils middle America faces. The politicians hype up our problems by finding constituents with a story to tell. It makes them feel good and is touted as being caring for the little people. This is nothing but a show folks. Wake up these politicians have not a care in the world for the pawns they select for their cause. The politicians have become adept at using pawns against America to suit their agenda. There is no doubt in my mind that average Americans would do a better job running America. Let the elitists stay home and protest because they have no reality of what it is like on the ground day to day.

Obama came up with a budget that will make America crumble under its own weight of debt. Obama supporters always are quick to say what is your plan. I can tell you this I don't have a plan to get us out of this mess. However, I make this challenge: Give me 10 economists of my choice and a week and I will come up with a better plan than either of the elitist parties have put forward. I am not asking for the 300 economic advisors Obama has had for two years. I am not asking for for the months it took Obama to come up with his gimmicky and scatter brained plan for America. Nope all I am asking is 10 economists and 7 days.

Americans can and must to better than continuously for for the lesser of two evils. Our only choices are vote for a party or stay at home. This needs to change. The type of change America needs is to rise up and take our country back. We must restore the Presidency to the highest level. Our pathetic pawns in the media and the vicious liberal left destroyed the Presidency in the last eight years. Now the president is busy diminishing the office to nothing more than a celebrity figurehead. This must change.

The tea parties America has been having need to be for something rather than against something. We need to be for the middle of AMeirca rising up and taking our country back from the corruption in Washington. We must look within our own homes and in the homes of our neighbors for the future of America. Middle America and average citizens would accomplish more in government than the elitists we currently have that all owe lobbyists and special interest groups. Average Americans will owe no special interest groups but will only owe the people of this great nation. We must take our country back and save it for our children.

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Anonymous said...

what will we do when we can no longer pay our country's debt and the chinese forclose on our country?