Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama: Punch-Drunk

Lord help us all for we know not what we have done. Many Americans believed they were voting for the chosen one and instead voted for the Big Zero. During his latest celebrity seeking stunt Obama sat there and laughed at the problems facing America. There the big zero sat discussing serious problems facing America chuckling as if he had not a care in the world.

Steve Kroft actually believed the Big Zero may have been drunk on the punch or something. Perhaps we should require a urinalysis. We know Obama has a history of drug use and also know that Obama has problems when striking out on his own. Just last week the big zero compared an American corporation to a suicide bomber. That was just before he took to the late night comedy stage and made an inappropriate joke concerning the Special Olympics that was not befitting the Office of the Presidency. Now today or whenever he actually did this interview for 60 minutes he sat there and laughed at the problems real Americans are facing.

Of course the Big Zero brushed of his interviewer by saying a little gallows humor was needed to get through the days. When will his ardent supporters wake up? The big zero is the ruin of our great nation. If America survives it will be in spite of Obama. The Big zero throws trillions of dollars around like it is nothing. Then laughs at our problems. I must wonder what the big zero supporters would have said had Bush laughed on 9/11? The Obama supporters have to wake up and see this clown for what he is; a celebrity wannabe, that even Hugo Chavez says is an ignoramus.


Pro said...

No, he is not punch-drunk. he is giddy at the thought of social change. It is no secret academics and those involved with community organization want to create social equality not by raising everyone higher, but by bringing down the wealthy. For many of them, they have a chip on their shoulder. They view wealth as evil–and this includes anyone making comfortable in the eyes of the poorest. They think by bringing down the rich, they will even the playing field so all can get ahead. The problem is, the top 3% of wealth earners shoulder 90% of the taxes (depending on the state/city) so by destroying them you destroy the economy. At that point everyone is equal and must rely upon the government. It’s one way to bring about social equality and change. While everyone will be provided for (minimal), freedom to choose is gone and the freedom to learn from the consequences of your mistakes to make your self better is also removed. For this reason socialism never produces great nations because the fact is pain and discomfort is really weakness leaving the body or society.

Or, Yes, if punch drunk means you have been hit more than you can rationally take so you laugh as your last-resort defense mechanism. This is a man that is in over his head. Remember, Obama has never run a business, has no prior executive experience, spent most of his life in academia and then as a community organizer where the prevailing philosophy is business has destroyed the life of those in poverty. In short he is in over his head, he is the quintessential political virgin, the 46 year-old political virgin

jeanniejo said...

Congratulations, drkate -- thumbs up to you, girl


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