Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama Needs that RESET Button

Obama needs to call Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to get that RESET button back. How fast does it take to go from "rock star", "sex god", or "eloquent one", to complete buffoon? For Obama it has taken slightly over sixty days.

Perhaps fumbling the oath of office was an omen, because ever since that moment Obama has committed one mistake after another. Consider the fact that the man bounced around jobs his entire adult life. Consider the fact that before now,he was never held accountable for his actions, and learned that the easiest way to make tough decisions is to avoid them altogether [vote present]. Consider the fact that before now he was never in charge of anything. Should we be  surprised that the man is foundering in his new job?

Now consider this for experience; when Dwight Eisenhower assumed office in 1953, he had just left his position as an Army Five Star General, the former Supreme Commander of Allied Powers Europe in WWII, and the first commander of NATO. His successor, John Kennedy was a Naval Officer, Congressman, and Senator. Lyndon Johnson was a Congressman, Senator, and VP of the United States under Kennedy. Richard Nixon, Naval Officer, Congressman, Senator, two term VP under Eisenhower. Gerald Ford, Naval Officer, 25 years in Congress, short stint as VP under Nixon. Jimmy Carter, Naval Officer, one term Governor of Georgia. Ronald Reagan, actor, President Screen Actors Guild, two term Governor of California. George H.W Bush, Naval Officer, awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in WWII, Congressman, Ambassador to the United Nations, Chairman of the Republican National
Committee, Chief of the U. S. Liaison Office in the People's Republic
of China, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, two term VP under Reagan. Bill Clinton, Arkansas Attorney General, three term Governor of Arkansas. George W. Bush, Air Force Officer, two term Governor of Texas.

BARACK OBAMA, failed lawyer, successful [?] community organizer, biography writer, Senator.

In the last sixty years, the only president with less elected political experience than Obama is Eisenhower, and all he ever did was deal with men like Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin and command millions of troops to victory in a world war. Is it any surprise that Eisenhower's mere presence as Commander-in-Chief kept the Soviets in line for eight years? Is it a coincicence that the Soviets waited to put missiles in Cuba until Kennedy, a young, charasmatic, idealistic president took office? No, and it is happening all over again. Except this time, the young, charasmatic, idealistic president lacks the courage of John Kennedy, he lacks good advisors, and he lacks the experience. Obama is incapable of standing up to Russia, or even Cuba. His pathetic video begging Iran to like us is proof of his weakness. Can you imagine John Kennedy or Ronald Reagan sending a video like that to the Soviet Union? The US did not win the Cold War by begging for forgiveness and being weak.

Obama must learn quickly that failure is contagious, and his inability to attract talented individuals to fill key positions in his administration is early proof that qualified people are already avoiding being associated with a failed president, (how many of Carter's people went on to success after his presidency, remember Hamiliton Jordan? Look him up). Obama's inability to comprehend international issues is second only to his complete misunderstanding of economic issues. Pick any manager of Wal Mart, anywhere in the country, and you have found an individual who has a better understanding of the US economy than Barack Obama.

So after Daschle, Geithner, AIG, the Iran apology video, the stimulus package, and all the other screw ups in Obama's two months as president, who can't believe that the one time boy wonder wouldn't want a RESET?

If anyone ever needed a RESET button, it is Barack Obama.

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Michael J. Bernard said...

The Employee Free Choice Act should be called "The Employee Right For Intimidation" act!