Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama: Lacks Oratory

Obama once mesmerized his faithful followers. Obama was able to lull his supporters into a false sense of security. Every speech has hailed by the pathetic pawns in the media as a awesome spectacle of prose. Chris Matthews had the audacity to say Obama's oratory skills sent tingles down his leg. There is very little doubt Obama can deliver a speech. The problem is not delivery his problem the words are not his. The credit for the oratory should be delivered to the speech writer the person who writes the words in an eloquent way so that the "good looking" guy can deliver.

This reminds of the Tom Cruise movie "Days of Thunder". Tom Cruise could drive a car but knew nothing about the car. He was a gas and go kind of driver. Unfortunately that is what Obama is. He is a read and go kind of speaker. He is helpless without his beloved teleprompter. Obama makes epic gaffes that the media continually covers for when the speech in not right there in front of him. The pathetic pawns have hailed Obama as a great communicator. The problem is that the great communicators all had wit. It was the off the cuff remarks that made the speaker. You could tell how sincere an orator was by how he delivered without the teleprompter. Obama has failed miserable without his.

Obama misfired when he claimed to have visited 57 States. The press excused this as being tired. Obama stutters and stammers with lots of "Ummmm.....and Ahhh..." without the teleprompter. Obama diminished his office with his lame attempt at humor concerning his lack of bowling skills and the special Olympics.

Obama's words strike a centrist populist chord when presented from a teleprompter. However, without the device Obama's true socialist and liberal thoughts come out. Obama's speeches are warm and heart felt while reading anothers words. Obama is cold and uncaring without his security blanket. That is why we often hear what Obama says and want to believe in his hope and change but yet his actions are totally different. See Obama is no great orator. He is really good at reading other peoples words. He doesn't believe the other persons words but he can read and provide the right emphasis. Another scam perpetuated by the pathetic pawns who fell for good looks over substance.

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