Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama: False Outrage

Barack Obama is deceitful and dishonest. Obama has shown some false outrage over the bonuses AIG paid out with the aid of tax payer money. Obama never said a word about the bonuses until after they were discovered by the Washington Post on Sunday, leading many to believe he did not know about them until Sunday. Obama now expresses outrage over the idea that AIG would pay out bonuses where at least 65 employees received a minimum of a cool million dollars. This is a company that would have been bankrupt and out of business had the tax payers not been forced to bail them out.

However, the truth of the matter is that Obama and his dishonest administration knew of these bonuses before they were paid out. The President could have stopped the payments had he expressed his false outrage before AIG paid out the bonuses. AIG informed Obama that they would pay out bonuses a day before they paid them. On Thursday, Obama was informed and the bonuses were not paid out until Friday. In other words Obama's words yet again ring hollow. Obama says in his false outrage that his administration has his legal team trying to find ways to recoup the money for the taxpayer. Yet Obama said nothing until AIG was found to be cheating the taxpayer by using taxpayer bailout money on lavish bonuses. The AIG excuse is that they were contractually obligated. The problem with the excuse is that they would not be in business to be contractually obligated without the taxpayer bailout. In other words the contracts would have been null and void. Obama has nothing except false outrage.

Obama could have come out strongly before the bonuses were ever paid. But the arrogant zero didn't plan on the outrage from the public or he didn't think AIG would get caught. Whatever the case Obama stood idly by while our tax dollars were flushed down the drain. Obama knew about the bonuses prior to AIG paying out. Obama once said words matter. Obama's words are deceitful and dishonest, which makes Obama dishonest and a fraud. Obama should take his false outrage and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. Obama's words now mean about as much as the paper flushed down the toilet. With a fraud like Obama in office this is going to be a long failed experiment.

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