Sunday, March 29, 2009

Obama: Extortionist In Chief

Barack Obama will sop at nothing in his efforts to dismantle private industry. The Obama administration demanded the GM CEO step down. The Obama administration demanded the resignation in exchange the company would receive even more of our tax payer dollars. This is nothing short of extortion.

Rick Wagoner is at the helm of GM and there is no doubt the company is at risk of bankruptcy. Should Wagoner resign? Probably of his own free will but not at the requirement of the President. The President has no business interfering with internal business decisions made by private company's. By interjecting himself in the decision loop Obama exacted a heavy toll for government assistance. By extorting the head of GM Obama has demonstrated that no one in this country is safe unless a true believer in the socialist policies of the Big Zero. Want a small business loan? Better be on Obama's good list or h will demand the company be headed by someone else before providing any government aide. Why did Obama just stop at Wagoner? Why not go after Robert Nardelli of Chrysler? Why not Ron Gettelfinger of the UAW? Obama should not be extorting any private company but now he isn't even being "fair". Chrysler and the UAW are equally at fault for the failed automobile industry in the United States. Obama however, only sees issues with GM. Is this because GM played harder with the Union then did Chrysler? I am not sure of the reasoning for singling out Wagoner but an investigation is in order. The is no way Obama should be interfering with private industry the way he has. Extortion is a felony and Obama should be investigated.

I wonder if America can refuse to pay their taxes on April 15 until Obama resigns? That is in affect what Obama told GM. Obama's true colors are showing on this one and believe me it won't be pretty for anyone that goes against the arrogance of the Obama regime.

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