Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama: Another Stake in the Heart of the American Dream

More proof of Obama's true socialist leaning comes to light today. According to Drudge the New York Times will print a piece in tomorrows release detailing a proposal by Obama to interfere with private industry. The proposal is to provide oversight and limits on corporate bonuses. To a socialist or liberal this news causes ecstasy. The populist view is that these bankers, wall street corporate heads, and possibly other companies should limit payouts to executives is great news. To realists that know better this is nothing but a hostile takeover of private entrepreneurship by a government bent on instituting marxism.

Let there be no doubt about Obama and his leanings. Obama did not misspeak when he told "Joe the Plumber" that it was only fair to redistribute the wealth. Obama will do everything in his power to ensure the freedom of chioce is taken away from the private citizen. The power that allowed America to use her ingenuity and innovatedness will be stolen by the marxists.

In all likelihood Obama created the AIG scandal so that he could strike outrage in the people simply to move forward with his marxist agenda. Please look at the circumstantial evidence to support this theory. First the TARP had enacted language that would limit bonuses for those companies receiving government handouts. Then the Obama administration instructed Senator Christopher Dodd to strip that language and enact language that permitted the AIG bonuses. The TARP oversight board that was supposed to meet monthly and that was meeting actually weekly before Obama has not had a meeting since Obama took office in violation of the law. Obama then takes to the airwaves and feigns outrage. "How could these execs take bonuses when their company failed". Obama claimed he was shocked when he learned of the bonuses. However, we know Obama knew about these bonuses before they were paid out and we heard nothing from Obama until at least two days after they were paid out. The democrats in Congress then vote down an amendment demanding the bonus repayment and ignore the Secretary of Treasury when told the bonus money would be subtracted from the next bailout installment. Only then after the Democrats lost this scandal did they decide to "tax" the bonuses at 90%. The remaining 10% would be taxed by state and local authorities according to tax cheat Charles Rangel. This is an ex post facto law that is illegal but nonetheless the grandstanding democrats made political points by demonizing wall street. This my friends is open class warfare that is intended to only move our country decidedly towards marxism. The circumstantial evidence points to this being a manufactured scandal to promote even more far reaching socialist ideals.

Obama is now touting government intervention into bankers, wall street, and other companies limiting payouts in the form of bonuses. No this proposal is not just for companies that excepted government bailouts, it is for any company Obama decides is performing to well. This sounds great to the uninformed masses. This is a propaganda stunt intended to get the working class on board as the ruling class takes over, which inevitably squeezes the middle class out.

This bogus plan of the marxist Obama will further erode our economy. First of all the companies will just start paying higher salaries to the execs. In other words instead of paying for performance (bonus) the companies will pay out salaries (guaranteed money). These execs then will become complacent with little if ay incentive to succeed. They will receive the same amount of money no matter the company health. However, this work around will not be the only dreary drain on the economy.

America is world renown for financial services. We are the leader in providing this service industry job. We excel at making high profits. Unfortunately the brilliant minds that make this feat possible will no longer be receiving pay commensurate with their skill. These people will be lured away by foreign financial competitors. Why stay with an American financial institute when the can move to Europe an work for financial institutes that will pay them more. Europe reaps the benefits of our experts and we won't even benefit from the taxes because they will pay European taxes and be much better off in the long run.

Obama message of redistribution of wealth is a reality. It is also another stake in the heart of the American dream. Not only will we lose jobs because businesses move overseas but we will also have a brain drain leaving it impossible to move ahead. America is following the big zero and we will emerge a third world country.

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