Monday, March 2, 2009

Muslims Easily Confused

Malaysia re-instituted a ban on the use of the Name Allah for God in other religions. The Malay government stated that muslims would be confused is other religions were allowed to use the name Allah in their religious writing. The Malay muslims must be easily fooled.

Beyond popular belief three of the worlds major religions all pray to the same god. The Jewish followers pray to a god and follow the old testament. They do not believe that Jesus was the messiah but they do believe in the same old testament that the Christians believe. The Christians believe in God from the old testament also but they believe Jesus is the messiah and savior of mankind. Low and behold the Muslims also believe in the old testament but believe that Mohammad is their prophet and set them on a different course. Of course the muslims also believe Jesus was a prophet but not a messiah. Of course the muslim God is the same one that the Jewish and Christian believers pray to but the non believers of the Muslim faith have been banned from calling God by the Muslim name of Allah.

Is there any further proof needed that Muslims are easily confused. They have a religion that shares a common God with two other major religions yet they are the only ones that are allowed to use Allah. I wouldn't profess to be a follower of Allah but nonetheless it is a fact that Muslim's, Jewish, and Christians all pray to the same God. Seems kind of far fetched for the Muslims to be concerned about what others believe when they become confused in what they believe.

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