Monday, March 2, 2009

MSM: State Run Media

The Main Stream Media yet again prove they are nothing more than the mouth piece for Barack Obama and the Democratic party. Unable to develop stories on their own the Pathetic pawns in the media have a daily strategy phone call with Rahm Emanuel. The White house chief of staff conducts this phone call and provides the pathetic pawns the daily attack lines and talking points.

Immediately following Rush Limbaugh's keynote address at the Conservative Political Action Conference Rahm Emanuel calls Paul Begala, George Stephanopoulos, and James Carville and tells them the talking points on which to attack the Republican party. Emanuel told the pathetic pawns that Rush is the voice of the Republican party and informed the propagandists they needed to attack Rush and attack they did. Within 24 hours of the CPAC address the pathetic pawns went on the attack. Bill Schneider called Rush "angry". George Stephanopoulos hung on the out of context line of Rush desiring Obama fails. The fact is Rush said he hopes Obama's "SOCIALIST" policies fail. We didn't hear George mention anything about socialist policies. In fact none of the main stream media pawns could bring themselves to put Rush's entire line out for the public to interpret.

The pathetic pawns wonder why they are a failing dinosaur. They whine that bloggers and such have undermined the integrity of reporting. The pathetic pawns claim the lack of investigative reporting on the part of bloggers will make the internet news nothing more than rumor and innuendo. However, bloggers have become more reliable than the propagandists. The bloggers do not have the bull horn and the attention of millions of viewers. Instead the bloggers get the word out one reader at a time and are vetted by the readers who question the integrity of the blog.

Emanuel is irresponsible by conducting "Secret" strategy sessions with the pathetic pawns. The propagandists that pose as journalist should be ashamed. Following Emanuel's lead and calling Rush the voice of the Republican party would be like saying Arianna Huffington and Markos Moulitsas are the voice of the Democratic party.
Rush is a conservative let there be no doubt. Conservatives make up one of three legs of the Republican party base. Rush may or may not be the conservative voice but he is not the voice for the entire party. Republicans are much less beholden to Rush than the Democrats are to the Huffington post and the daily kos. Yet the pathetic pawns fail to recognize that the liberal blog sites are much more influential on the Democratic party than Rush is in the Republican party. Rush influencs on leg of the base while the Daily Kos and and Huffington post are representative of the entire democratic base. Yet the pathetic pawns only attack Rush.

The pathetic pawns are dangerously close to going the way of the dinosaur. If the continue to engage in "SECRET" strategy sessions with Rahm Emanuel, they will relegate themselves to being nothing more than the State run media found in other Socialist states. One thing is becoming quite clear. The democratic party is the Socialist party of America. The democrats have managed to run our ship aground. We were off course with Bush but the erratic and undisciplined approach of the Obama administration just run the ship aground. Now with "SECRET" sessions the media are truly pathetic pawns conducting the propaganda for the Democratic Party. Welcome to the State run media.


Craig said...

"The truth is a lie."
Isn't that what you guys are saying? Anybody who doesn't agree with you must be out to get you. It's straight out of "1984".

The Lizard said...

So Craig I take it you are for State run journalism???? No more liberal philosophy of freedom of the press???? You my friend have a lot to learn about freedom.

I never said the truth was a lie. What I said is when the spoken word is taken out of context you can believe anything and obviously you do.

Anonymous said...

{a few weeks later} Obama's honeymoon with MSM ended violently (well, one of them committed the mortal sin of asking the President "a question" and, consequently, the hapless fellow was on the receiving end of a Presidential Stare-Down). Yesterday, Obama set up his own, state-run media outlet and called it a, "town hall," meeting (moderated by, "the people," of course). By sheer coincidence, many newspapers around the country are closing up shop, never to print an unfavorable word again.

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