Saturday, March 7, 2009

Letters Home

Office of the President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue                                                                  June 20th 2009
Washington D.C.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith,

It is with great regret and heavy heart that I must inform you that your son, Private First Class John Smith, was killed in action in the Khost Province of Afghanistan on June 18th. Private Smith was involved in combat operations against Taliban fighters when he suffered fatal injuries from an improvised explosive device which detonated in close proximity to his vehicle.

The tragic death of your brave son is a loss to the Armed Forces and this country. You will be heartened to know that he has been posthumously promoted Specialist Four, and he will receive a Bronze Star for his sacrifice to our nation.

You may learn in the near future that I endorsed a $1 Billion taxpayer funded contribution that went to the Palestinians to rebuild Gaza. You will also undoubtedly learn that great sums of that money went to the terrorist group Hamas, and that they used that money to purchase sophisticated weaponry they supplied to the Taliban. This weaponry may or may not have played a role in the death of your son, if it did, I am truly sorry. But it is important that we make friends of enemies, and appease those who oppose us.

I sincerely hope that more soldiers will not die because of my decisions, but if they do, the Reverend Wright has assured me that there is a place in heaven for them. With that in mind, I feel better, and will soon send your family a 25 DVD set of great American movies.


Barack Hussein Obama
Presdent of the United States

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