Saturday, March 21, 2009

Barack Obama: America's Michael Scott

"That's what she said", could easily become Barack Obama's campaign slogan for 2012. I have all four seasons of The Office on DVD, and apparently so does Barack Obama, or at least he acts that way. We all know, along with Gordon Brown, how fond Obama is of DVDs.

Obama's idiotic and insulting gift of 25 DVDs to the British Prime Minister is straight out of the Micahel Scott playbook. Upon returning home, Brown discovered that the DVDs were region 1 NTSC, (European DVD players use region 2 PAL), and could not be played. Steve Carell could not have written a more embarrassing scene.

Obama is quickly transforming from shrewd campaigner to a real life version of the buffoonish Michael Scott, regional manager. Anyone who has watched The Office knows how Michael loves to make videos of himself. This week Barack Obama, regional manager, made a video of himself and sent it to Iran. Michael's videos are ridiculous attempts to explain himself, and so was Obama's. I'm sure the Mullahs in Iran are still laughing about it.

Like Michael Scott, Obama is self absorbed and largely oblivious to the consequences of his actions. This past week Obama immersed himself in activities that come right out of an Office script. The absurd personal video to Iran, the appearance with Jay Leno, parties on St. Patrick's Day, college basketball picks, Obama's Party Planning Commitee was working overtime. This is Michael Scott with his own personal airplane, the regional manager more concerned with having a good time than actually getting any work done.

We can laugh at Michael's incompetence, but it's a sitcom, you're supposed to laugh. The world is now laughing at Obama's incompetence, unfortunately for America, this is no sitcom. We are living in a reality show with the real life Michael Scott as our regional manager, running this country like it was the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin. We even get the cast of characters, Rahm Emanuel is Dwight Shrute, the scheming [assitant to] the regional manager. Tim Geithner is Ryan, the educated, flawed wunderkind doomed to fail. Hillary Clinton is a morph of the uptight Angela and the realtionship challenged, overly ambitious Jan Levinson-Gould. Biden is Creed, an aging hippie who steals things and smells like an old man. There is no Jim, Pam or Stanley, the man who once asked Michael, "have you completely lost your mind"?

In the end, the most disturbing similarity between Michael Scott, Regional Manager Dunder-Mifflin, and Barack Obama, President of the United states, is the obvious fact that neither is qualified to hold the position they occupy.

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