Monday, March 9, 2009

The Appeasement Era

Welcome America to the Obama Appeasement Era. The era has started and won't end until America is ridiculed as a third country nobody in world affairs. In April 2007, Harry Reid gleefully exclaimed "This war is lost" in reference to Iraq. Obama still does not recognize that we actually won in Iraq even though he is now taking credit for the Bush withdrawal plan that was drafted in late summer 2007 by Gen Petraeus. Now Obama personally says we are losing in Afghanistan. In an effort to ensure we lose some war or another Obama goes as far as to say we should negotiate with the Taliban.

That's right folks Obama who said he would attack across the Afghanistan border to strike Pakistan now says we lost in Afghanistan and would like to sit down with the Taliban and negotiate. This is the same Taliban that harbored Osama Bin Laden after we were attacked on 9/11. But it even gets better as Obama also wants to have Iran as part of these negotiations. We will be negotiating nothing but the surrender of Afghanistan to the lawless frontier. The flailing Afghanistan government will crumble and the tribal warfare will continue. Again the lawless frontier will become a haven for terrorist activities in order to plan the next big attack on American and her interests. The Taliban has been routed and forced into the mountainous region of Pakistan but Obama has the desires to open Afghanistan as a safe haven for the Taliban and their terrorist supporters. The opium trade would be wide open and bring even more money into the terrorist hands.

Not only is Obama willing to appease the terrorist harboring Taliban but he also wants to open talks with Cuba. Cuba has shown no desire to ever be open with the United States and share diplomatic ties since 1959. But Obama will offer a bone to the communists in control and help prop them up. The communist philosophy is being cheered on by Mr. Socialist himself.

Obama also hailed the rigged elections in Venezuela to be a great portrait of democracy at work. Much like ACORN destroyed the integrity of elections in places like Ohio where 47% of the suspect ballots were illegal entries from non residents. Now this came from ballots that were questions but begs the question "How many ballots got through?".

Then we can move on to the Russians. Obama has made concessions before even talking with the Russians. He already said he would scrap the missile defense shield before he even succeeded in getting the Russians to give up anything. That was just to get the Russians to talk to us. What about Syria? Obama is already at the negotiation table with Syria. Never mind they led the flow of Mujahideen into Iraq that directly led to the deaths of many American soldiers. Syria was also building a secret nuclear plant capable of producing thermal nuclear devices that had to be destroyed by Israel before they could produce enriched uranium.

Obama has manged to alienate the Brits who were our best ally until Obama shafted them in a traditional gift exchange. Obama has alienated Israel and embraced Hamas. Obama plans on giving $900 million to the Palestinians to help rebuild. Does anyone really believe this money will not finance more rockets to launch into Israel? None of this is leadership. Obama and his administration officials admit that Obama is "overwhelmed" yet he is in the process of destroying America's strengths all in the name of appeasement.

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