Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Gaffe or Wishful Thinking

The big zero spent the time to write a letter expressing that he wanted to work with the French in the name of peace to forge a safer world. The problem is that Obama sent it to Jacques Chirac. Why would a US president be wanting to work with Chirac when we need to be working with Sarkozy? Was this letter sent to the wrong person?

Here is an excerpt from Obama's letter sent to Chirac:

"I am confident that over the next four years we can work together in a spirit of peace and friendship to build a safer world, " writes the successor to George W. Bush to Nicolas Sarkozy's predecessor.

Doesn't Obama know that Nicholas Sarkozy is the French President or does Obama just work with people having the same distorted view of the world as the big zero has. Either way Obama is showing just how weak and ineffective he really is.


jeanniejo said...

Applause and many thumbs up to you, Political Lizard Annex -- your page is priceless!!!!

Obama writes to President Chirac

Please, please let this be wrong!

Barack Obama does not seem to know that in May 2007, French voters elected Nicolas Sarkozy to the French presidency, to succeed Jacques Chirac who had been president for twelve years.

Barack Obama wrote a letter to Jacques Chirac to tell him about his desire to "work with him" for the next four years !

In a letter described by Chirac as "very nice," Obama wrote, "I am certain that we will be able to work together, in the coming four years, in a spirit of peace and friendship to build a safer world."

This revelation was made by the online edition of the daily Le Figaro on Thursday.

I wonder if someone had told him, when he came to France last summer, that the man he met was NOT Jacques Chirac !

Confidentiel : Barack Obama
a écrit à Jacques Chirac

Barack Obama a écrit à Jacques Chirac

Le président américain vient d’adresser une lettre «très sympathique » à Jacques Chirac, selon l’expression de ce dernier. «Je suis certain que nous pourrons au cours des quatre années à venir collaborer ensemble dans un esprit de paix et d’amitié afin de construire un monde plus sûr» , écrit le successeur de George W. Bush au prédécesseur de Nicolas Sarkozy. En évoquant le mot de « paix», Obama rend un hommage implicite à l’action de l’ancien président français qui s’était opposé à la guerre en Irak. Une intervention américaine contre laquelle le futur président américain s’était opposé comme sénateur, lors du vote au Congrès.

Barack Obama wrote to Jacques Chirac
The American president has just addressed a letter “very likable” to Jacques Chirac, according to the expression of the latter. “I am certain that we will be able during the four years to come to collaborate together in a spirit of peace and of friendship in order to construct a surer world”, writes the successor of George W. Bush to the predecessor of Nicolas Sarkozy. While evoking the word of “peace”, Obama returns an implicit homage to the action of the French former president that had opposed itself to the war in Iraq. An American intervention against which the future president American had opposed itself as senator, at the time of the vote to the Congress.

But tjem it was Sarkozy who called Obama "naive” or was it "dangerously naive" when BO was on his magic carpet ride in Europe?

hummmm ... dvd's of movies for a legally blind PM of Britian and now ... '

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