Friday, March 6, 2009

America Becoming Laughingstock With Obama

Obama has been President less than two months and has already managed to destroy America's strong image around the globe. Obama has hailed a rigged election in Venezuela as being an exercise in democracy. He has decided to coddle up to the Syrians. Angered our strongest allies and just today gave the Russians a yellow box with a red button.

Imagine that folks. Hillary purchases a button that she believed said RESET and instead said overcharged. However, the worst part is not in the fact that our linguists failed to translate properly, no, the worst part is the symbolism. America gives the button to the Russians. A button folks what would that mean to any American or Russian with any common sense? The button to the Russians is the button to thermal nuclear devices. That's right folks the cutsey little act of giving the button to the Russians could not be clearer unless Hillary said go ahead push the button we'll sit idly by while you send your Nuclear arsenal towards the American cities. This inappropriate gift has the Russians laughing at us not with us. Putin now knows he has a naive and inexperienced administration that Russia can dominate. What a joke Obama has made of America. This is on top of embarrassing one of our closets allies.

When Gordon Brown visited America he came bearing a gift set that included a pen set made of wood from the Anti Slave ship HMS Gannet. Imagine the symbolism with this gift from one of our allies. Obama is the first African American President and given a gift made from one of the ships that helped stop the slave trade. This was a very insightful and thoughtful gift. Obama however went out to the whitehouse gift shop to give a gift of 25 DVD's. Thats right folks we gave our one of our best allies a set of DVD's that in likelihood will never be able to be watched by the recipient. Why won't they be watched? Well in all likelihood the administration gave Brown region 1 DVD's that are in NTSC format while England is in Region 2 and used PAL format.

The Obama administration has proven themselves to be nothing but a bunch of clowns. We coddle up to the Syrians and bash Israel, we give England useless DVD's in return for a pen holder made of an Anti Slave ship. We provide Russia with a symbol of nuclear war and get laughed at by the Russian dignitaries. Obama always said he wanted America to be liked around the world. It just that we never knew we had to be the court jester to gain that status. We are quickly becoming a joke around the world and have lost the respect of some of our closets allies. Way to go team Obama, I'm sure we can be the complete laughing stock in your first six months. We will laughed at by all but respected by none.

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jeanniejo said...

I express my thanks to Political Lizard Annex. It's still too bad the mainstream media still won't agree with you though!


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