Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some Americans are just Stoopid

A Harris interactive poll asked 2,634 intellectually challenged Americans who they admire enough to call a hero. Guess who came in first got it, Obama. Jesus came in second.

What's worse is that the participants were not given a list to select from, the majority picked Obama all by themselves. How sad we have become as a nation when a man whose only real accomplishment in life has been getting elected as president gets more votes than Jesus Christ. Granted, that's a major accomplishment, but he has done absolutely nothing right since taking the oath of fact he even managed to screw that up. Is he a hero just because he managed to fool a majority of American voters into voting for him?

What makes this guy any kind of hero? I don't understand, did he overcome adversity at Columbia and Harvard Law? Did he fight the horribly corrupt Chicago political machine? Did he stand up to his racist preacher and terrorist friend? Did he speak out against the illegal activities of ACORN? Did he serve in his country's military? When confronted with questions about his birthplace, did he silence his critics by showing a copy of his American birth certificate? Did he bring about the much needed transparency to our government? Has he become the leader of this nation and inspired confidence in our economy by his words of optimism?

I would say the answer to all of the above is a firm "NO". Obama in many ways is an anti-hero, his favorite words are "crisis" and "catastrophe", he attempts to lead by inspiring fear, his is a presidency built on doom and gloom. The shining city on the hill has become a shoddy trailer park since he took office. Instead of Reagan's optimism and his "Morning in America", we now have Obama's depressing, night and fog version of "Mourning in America". Hardly the work of a hero, a man praised as a visionary by the idiots in the media. I understand Obama's vision, and I want no part of it.

There are many in this country who feel Obama is a hero simply because they think he will give them money. He will pay that mortgage you were not qualified for, he will cut your taxes and go after the wealthy, he will provide free health care to you, and make others pick up the bill. In short, Obama will do away with individual responsibilty, buy what you want, others will pay for it. Hell, who wouldn't vote for someone like that? Of course he's a hero, he's going to turn the loaves and fishes into money, and give it out to all those people who want everything, but can't pay for it. And that's OK with Obama, for far too long people have been denied homes they can't afford, redistribution of wealth is a wonderful concept to those who are looking to the government to solve their financial woes. "Make a living off of other people's hard work" was the underlying message of Obama's campaign.

Obama is not a visionary, not a leader, and certainly not a hero. His career was built on words, not actions, and now that he must act, he has been found wanting. Most heroes are individuals of few words and great deeds, so far Obama is an individual of many, many words, and any great deeds continue to elude him. He has become a tabloid celebrity, a political clown, he has cheapened the presidency and this country, and for that, he is no hero.

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