Sunday, February 15, 2009

Snake of the Day

Muzzammil Hassan walked into a police station in Orchard Park, New York on Thursday and told police that his wife was dead. When police arrived at his house, they found 37 year old Aasiya Hassan quite dead, in fact she was beheaded.

How's this for irony, Mr. Hassan is the founder of a Buffalo TV station dedicated to portray Muslims in a good light, and improve American perceptions of Islam. So working toward that goal, he went home the other day and cut off his wifes' head because she had recently filed for divorce. The poor woman had also filed for a restraining order against her husband.

Hassan has been charged with second-degree murder, but even the years he will ultimately serve in prison will not constitute a just punishment for this heinous act. The stone age concept of honor killing has no place in this world, but don't look to our media for condemnation of this horrible murder. They are paralyzed by political correctness, which means they are cowards, and incapable of uttering anything that might be considered offensive to Muslims. Although cutting off your wifes' head is pretty damn offensive.

Muzzammil Hassan should rot in prison for the rest of his life, his cave man, sharia mentality cannot serve as a viable defense in the 21st century. For the horrible act of murdering his wife,
Muzzammil Hassan is named Snake of the Day.

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