Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snake of the Day

Years ago when I was working in a desert far, far away, a member of our team was given the assignment of preparing a daily info slide on one of the many poisonous snakes indigenous to the region. At first this was just another boring part of a even more boring daily update, but the young man quickly turned it into an entertaining, Letterman-like experience. He called it "Snake of the Day", and it soon became the highlight of our daily production briefs, [yes it's sad, but there's not whole lot to do in the middle of the desert].

Watching TV the other day, I saw some soldiers living in conditions that reminded me of that desert, and of course, those Snake of the Day slideshows. I hoped that they had learned about pit vipers, scorpions, camel spiders, and all the other nasty critters crawling around the desert. Then I realized, possibly because I was in New Jersey at the time, that many of our politicians are just as dangerous as those snakes and spiders out in the desert. In fact, many of them are much more viscious than a mere pit viper, or bushmaster [that's another story], so I decided to post a snake of the day, singling out one or two of the more venomous individuals in our society today.

So for the first snake of the day, I selected America's triple threat to freedom and prosperity, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. These three reptiles may represent the single most dangerous threat to the American way of life that we have ever faced. Their offenses are legion, but I will focus on only one today, the so called stimulus package. Obama bears guilt because, true to form, he passed the responsibility on to someone else, in this case Pelosi and Reid. It is doubtful that Obama has even read the entire 1000 page, democratic dream sheet. It is even more doubtful that it's passing will lead to any kind of stimulus for the American economy.

What really makes these three snakes though, is the fact that they backed out of their promise to allow the American people, the ones who put them in office, the ones who will be paying for this, to review the document before it was presented for a vote. Pelosi and Reid agreed to post the document for 48 hours before the Senate vote, that never happened. Obama, the man who promised transparency in office, should have ensured that it was done. The $787 billion package, laden with pay offs to democrat friendly interest groups, was forced through congress by an impatient, brand new president and a demented Pelosi, who has proven that she has very little ability to lead, and even less good judgement. I don't think Pelosi is corrupt, just stupid. Reid is definitely corrupt, and he needs this package to go through so he can pay off his contributors in an effort to survive his 2010 run for reelection.

If this stimulus bill is really as vital to our prosperity as Obama makes it out to be, the American people should have had a chance to see it before it was passed. The fact that it has been hidden from public scrutiny is proof that it probably would not have withstood the common sense test, and would have exposed all of the blatant democratic kick-backs to their supporters and special interest groups. So much for transparency in government under the rule of Obama. Campaign promises, like battle plans, rarely survive the first contact with reality.

For hiding the details of the stimulus package, and lying about transparency, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are named the Snake of the Day.

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Sea said...

Snake of the Day is a most appropriate addition to The Lizard Annex. On the record for all to see. Thank you, Lizard, well done.