Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Obama War is Just Beginning

Yesterday Barack Obama said one war is winding down, but what he didn't say is that yet another is just beginning. Obama's war is one in which America may never recover. Obama started this war and the price every American will pay is far to steep a price. The war Obama started is not going to be judged by the number of lives it costs and will not be fought in some distant land. No Obama's war has started here at home and the price will be judged in lost dreams, lost security, lost pensions, lost freedoms, and lost ideals. Obama's war is class warfare and will be raged for at least four more years. The effects of which will last for generations.

Obama has started this war by starting a class warfare. Right now his rhetoric is to take from the rich and give to the poor. Obama wants fairness over what is right. Obama's plan is to have America liked but not respected. Obama vanquishes giving from the heart in favor mandating governmental spending. As the great dismantling of American ideals begins, we are at a cross roads that means we must stand up for our country and return it its rightful owners. We the people must take our own government back. We must watch the left's move towards socialism and take a stand for freedom. Obama is taking us down the failed path of Europe.

Our unemployment is continuing to rise and yet Obama suggests $1 trillion dollars in taxes is needed from the very people that are creating jobs. Obama plans on limiting charitable giving by reducing the tax benefits. In Obama's mind a government bureaucracy is always better than charity. Instead of we the people choosing which the avenues of where we desire our money to be spent, Obama believes it is prudent to have government decide. So instead of donations to the police benevolent association we can allow our government to spend more dollars on tattoo removal. Instead of giving money to the American Cancer society to extend life we can have a government that mandates federally funded abortions to stop life from having a chance.

Obama has sent his surrogates around the world. The have coddled every hostile regime imaginable at the expense of our allies. Iran has placed preconditions on any talks with Obama. Syria and the Palestinians get up close visits from the left in an effort to appease them so that they might like us. The problem here is nice guys always finish last and it is far better to be respected. Obama's appeasement philosophy has emboldened our enemies and and alienated our allies all in the name of being "liked".

In Obama's world taking from the rich and giving to the poor is a noble act. The problem is that he will make America into one class and that class will be the poor class. In the end if Obama has his way there will be the government and the poor and nothing in between. Our democracy worked well because of our three classes now we have a President that doesn't understand what is right but rather what is fair. Obama doesn't understand that life is not fair. We the people understand that. We don't want fairness being measured in terms of financial materialistic terms we want fairness in opportunity. Level the playing field and give everyone a chance at their own success or failure. We want opportunity to compete not the absence of competition.

Obama is great at playing the political game. His words through his speeches have mesmerized his believers. They are in a trance because of his oratory skills. However, Obama's words are the slight of hand that all good magicians perfect. Obama says what the believers want to hear but then turns around and does something else. Obama uses center left words but acts from the extreme far left of the world. He speaks of sacrifice but he has never sacrificed. He claims the government needs to be a part of the solution yet takes from those that can also provide help. Obama claims we need to spend but we also need to cut and lower the deficit. All the while his plan added over $1 trillion in additional spending from the previous administration. Obama says he will cut the deficit in half during his first term but then runs up the deficit because this year won't count against him but will count for his "cuts". Obama will consistently run trillion dollar deficits and never does he ever return to the average of the last eight years. Obama has permanently raised our annual deficits but in the end will claim he cut spending. We need to watch his action for his words ring hollow. This war is just beginning but may last for generations. Obama has proven himself to be nothing more than a talker. His action are taking us further into the ditch. Obama is not the tow truck but rather the four wheel drive. Instead of being in four wheel drive before we got to the ditch. Our getting a tow truck to pull us out, Obama put it in four wheel drive after we were in the ditch and now is just digging in further which does nothing except require a bigger tow truck later.

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