Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama Is Full Of Great Spending Ideas

Today our sock market dropped to levels not seen since 1997. The market is at it lowest point in 12 years with the bottom not yet in sight and today the Obama administration pledges almost another billion dollars to the Gaza strip. Obama is great at coming up with ideas on how to spend taxpayer dollars if only he would have an idea on how to repair the damage his ad-hoc administration has done to the American dream.

Obama has done nothing except stay on the campaign trail selling a pork laden bill framed as "stimulus". Now his wonderful administration has proposed us rich Americans should help Gaza rebuild. Of course the money would not go directly to Hamas the terrorist organization. No instead it will go through the honest and above board United Nations and funneled into the Palestinian Authority into Gaza. Obviously Obama and his administration forgot that the last time the United Nations was involved in administering relief efforts in the Middle East America ended up going to war to end the brutal regime of Sadaam Hussein. We must never forget that this very same United Nations that Obama and his administration is in love with, administered the Iraq Oil for Food program. The honest and above board United Nations skimmed the top and sent the money directly to Sadaam in order that he could funnel money to his military. Of course Sadaam didn't mean any harm when he harassed the American forces enforcing the United Nations resolutions that ended the first gulf war. No the United Nation would never prop up a brutal regime.

So today it is announced that Obama's Secretary of is pledging $900 million to the Gaza Strip. Never mind that the stock market has lost 30% of its value since Obama took office. Never mind that aging citizens have lost half or more of their retirement savings in the last year. Never mind that our debt expansion just this year will be $1.3 trillion dollars. What's another billion when we are talking a debt load of 1300 times that. To Obama it is just a drop in the bucket. Instead of America having friends that respect us Obama would rather have friends he can buy. Awful funny that a Presidential duo that couldn't afford donations to charity when it was their own money have no issues spending the American taxpayers grandchildren money. It seems such a small price to pay for Obama to be liked.

Of course Obama promises to cut the deficit in half before the end of his first term. Is it any wonder he is building the deficit this year? Build the deficit to over 1.3 trillion dollars so he can take credit for a deficit four years from now that is "only 600 billion". I'm sure Hamas will refrain from sending rockets into Israel after being rebuilt by Americans. On the campaign trail Obama was full of visionary ideas. In reality Obama seems to only have ideas of pissing away taxpayer dollars.

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