Friday, February 20, 2009

Obama: Inept As President

Barack Obama has been president for over a month now and yet he has already failed as president. Now there is still time for him to learn how to act presidential but if he remains steadfast in his ways Obama will become the quickest failure as President in American history. There is little doubt of who I supported in Nov 2008, but I have given Mr. Obama more than a chance. While not enamored with the media darling I wanted him to be successful in his early days. I wanted to believe that the dissenting opinion that I once held would be proven wrong. I wanted to believe that Obama would be Presidential. I wanted to believe that there was substance behind his eloquent speeches. I wanted to believe that perhaps he could bring hope and change to a government that has failed its citizenry. I wanted to believe that he really didn't embody the appeasement philosophy of the liberal left. I wanted to believe that perhaps he was a centrist that would work across the aisle and forge compromises that would be good for America. Instead Obama has done nothing except prove to me that I was right not to fall into the tangle of lies that Obama spouted.

Obama has forgotten that he is President. When Obama told the Republicans "I won" America should have admitted what some already knew "Obama won but America lost". Obama sure to his experience in the Illinois legislature voted "Present" on the American economy. While Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid hammered out a pork laden "stimulus" bill Obama remained on the sidelines. All Obama could do was visit with Republicans and tell them they should back the bill because well "He won". See bi-partisanship to Obama is when people blindly follow showing solidarity. Obama wanted Republicans on board not because his plan was right but because he wanted to be able to spread the blame in the event the economy continued to contract.

After urging the passage of a bill that not one lawmaker read in its entirety, Obama decided to take a vacation. In Office less than a month with a economy in crisis, Obama walked away from the fray and voted "Present" on the economy. In fact the all so important bill that just had to be passed before it could be made available to the public because of the utmost importance of it could alas await until Obama finished his mini three day vacation.

Then instead of returning to Washington where his job is located, Obama hit the campaign trail again. Certainly Obama is a much better campaigner than he is a President. Obama has even said he isn't comfortable in the oval office. That is becoming more and more apparent as Obama has avoided his office and his real job in order to remain on the campaign trail.

Obama in his little over a month as President has managed to emboldened some of the most brutal regimes the world has known. Today Obama praised Venezuela for their democratic process while Hugo Chavez turned away young voters from the polls. The very same age group that empowered Obama in our country was not allowed to vote in Venezuela's process. Obama praised the democratic results Venezuela even though the election violated the Venezuelan constitution. In other words Obama praised an illegal election. Obama was made a fool as Iran placed preconditions on any talks with the United States. Obama spoke from both sides of his mouth as he told Americans he was opposed to Sharia law in the mountainous regions in Pakistan while secretly negotiating for peace through implementation of Sharia law with the Pakistani government. The ethical congress allowed the corrupt governor of Illinois to select a Senator just prior to his impeachment. Now The Senate is in a great turmoil even as our country in on the brink of collapse due to the mountain of debt our government keeps passing along to future generations. Obama promised transparency yet refused to allow the public to view his pork laden economic bill. Our markets are crashing and our nations wealth is being pissed down the drain and our president remains on the campaign trail.

In Mesa Arizona a young student made the appropriate use of free speech by wearing a T-shirt to an Obama sales pitch that said "Hitler made great speeches too." Yes my friends Obama is all talk and no substance. Wake up America we elected a full time campaigner and not a President. Obama has proven in just over a month that he is inept and our country is at risk.

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