Sunday, February 1, 2009

Iran puts the Pimp Hand to Obama

Jimmy Carter all over again. Iran has put preconditions on the US before they even think about talking to Obama. What? Looks like Iran's leaders don't share the media's love affair with the annointed one.

The US Man-Child in Chief is learning some important lessons in his first few weeks as president;

Lesson #1) Don't believe the US media. They love you, they got you elected, but they are idiots. Don't believe the hype, the Iranians obviously don't.

Lesson #2) There are people in this world who want to harm America, they don't like you and never will. Deal with it. Being nice to them only shows that you are weak.

Lesson #3) Never deal from a position of respect, deal from a position of power. You have already demonstarted weakness, fix that. (See Reagan presidency.)

Lesson #4) Read up on history. You are supposed to be an educated man, yet you constantly display an ignorance of past events. You stated on Al Arabiya that you wanted our relationship with the Arabs to be like it was thirty years ago. Really? Hostage crisis, oil embargo, birth of radical Islam, smarten up.

Lesson #5) The Democrat's Stimulus Package is a crime. It is a 40 year old liberal wish list with more pork than a Biggest Loser audition. If it passes, you will be held responsible when it fails. Fix it.

Lesson #6) Grow up......and fast. Never, never, never, single out a man like Rush Limbaugh. He will now make it his life's work to destroy you. He will win.

Lesson #7) Grow up...learn how to accept criticism, it's only going to get worse.

Lesson #9) You no longer have the luxury of voting "present" on the tough issues.

Lesson #8)  Grow up

And it only gets worse. What will Obama do if Russia partners up with Iran and provides them the parts and technology to develop nuclear weapons? Medvedev, Putin, Ahmadinejad and his mullahs are not impressed by Obama's pecs, BlackBerry, sunglasses, or B-ball skills. Obama must quickly prove that he is not Jimmy Carter weak, or the US is going to be put in a very dangerous position in this world, and things may very well go back to how they were in the '70s.

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