Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Obama Pick has Tax Problems

So much for the vetting process, maybe Obama should have used his friends at Al Arabiya, but a second Obama pick has been exposed as a tax cheat.

Tom Daschle is trying to explain how he failed to to pay over $140,000 in taxes over the last three years. Daschle even forgot to report around $83,000 of income in 2007. Daschle is Obama's choice as Secretary of Health and Human Services. A curious choice considering the fact that during Daschle's three terms as senator, many of his American Indian constituents in South Dakota continued to live in the worst squalor found in the western hemisphere.

Obama likes to point to Wall Street execs and call their practice of receiving large bonuses "the height of irresponsibility", but two of his cabinet choices have shown that they lack the responsibility to pay their own income taxes. Timothy Geithner, the other tax evader, now Secretary of the Treasury, has oversight of the IRS. Daschle was Minority Leader in 2004 when he was defeated by John Thune in the senate election. Daschle's tax problems began in 2005, as soon as he left public office. Coincidence?

Geithner and Daschle are individuals who possess the knowledge and resources to ensure that their tax returns are filed correctly, making the excuse of honest mistake unlikely and unbelievable.Both of these men clearly cheated on their tax returns. Theirs is a case of greed, not honest mistake, they are not honest, the mistake was thinking they could get away with it. And they probably would have if not nominated for cabinet positions. Does anyone believe that either one of these tax cheats would have paid their back taxes if they had remained private citizens?

The sad truth is that Daschle, like Geithner, will likely receive a free pass from both the Senate and Obama. In an administration that asks Americans to give more, Obama is filling his cabinet with individuals who have demonstrated that they are not willing to pay their share, but they expect the rest of us to do it. And Obama is OK with that.

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HeyJude said...

The Obama team's "he is the only man for the job" defense is turning into a mock-able mantra that is as transparent as the Bush line for those who were leaving his administration "to spend more time with their families."

As always, great insights Lizard. Let's hope he hears you on those lessons.