Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama Will Enhance the Bush Legacy

Barack Obama has yet to be sworn in and I am already sick of him. The bowel churning media blitz of his train ride to Washington is proof that Americans elected a man more qualified to be a celebrity than a president. Does anyone really care what kind of dog his kids get, or what his wife chooses to wear to the inauguration? I am sick of the butt licking, drooling references to his "chiseled pecs" by a media comprised not of journalists, but of gushing, star struck adults acting like teeenage girls at a Mylie Cyrus concert.

I miss George Bush already. Hillary Clinton? Are you serious Obama? Her and Bill have received hundreds of millions of dollars from rich Arabs paying for influence, they must be very happy that they now have an employee in the cabinet. Leon Panetta? Is he supposed to reform the CIA, make them act nicer to people who are determined to kill us? Why not put George Stephanopolous in there? He also has abosolutely zero experience in the intelligence field, and he has better hair. Speaking of hair, I can't believe Obama hasn't found a place for John Edwards yet. Maybe he's waiting for a spot in the Supreme Court to open up.

Then we have little Timmy Geithner, Obama's choice for Treasury secretary. A man who "forgot" to pay his social security or Medicare taxes for the last four years. That's what we need during an economic crisis, someone who can't even figure out how to do his own tax returns running the Department of Treasury, with oversight of the IRS... give me a break. If I stop paying my taxes, can I get a cabinet position too?

Then we have the $150 million Obama inaugural celebration of himself. During these tough economic times, does the country really need such an excessive Obama love-fest to take place? I would venture to suggest that most Americans don't give a rat's ass that Obama is the nation's first half-Black president. They just want to be able to pay the bills, have some sort of job security and hold on to what's left of their retirement fund. If it was a Republican throwing away $150 million of taxpayer money on a party, the media would be throwing a fit. Hey Obama, why don't redistribute some of that wealth my way?

Don't get me started on taxes. Did you know that 25% of the population pays 85% of our taxes? Obama wants to decrease the tax paying base, and give people who pay no income tax, a welfare check disguised as a refund. Refund of what?

Our first celebrity President is in for a rude awakening. After the parties are over, and Beyonce, Springsteen, and all the other Hollwood dregs have gotten in their private jets and gone home, after the Mall has been cleaned and the congratulatory calls have ended, Obama must begin the very difficult job serving as this nation's President. Put away the shades, the BlackBerry, the basketball, no more beach time in Hawaii, and start dealing with the economy, the war, Israel, Palestine, Iran. He will learn one thing quickly, the right decisions are not always popular, but to remain a celebrity, you must remain popular. He must make the decision, do I want to be celebrity, or do I want to be President? The two do not go together. George Bush understood that.

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