Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obama Weakens America

Obama has started American down the path of appeasing the world's most brutal regimes, weakening America in the process. Obama's foreign policy stances will embolden our enemies and do nothing to protect American's. Obama's actions prove he hasn't any idea of how the world really works. Obama is young and naive and respected by no one outside our borders.

The initial response to Obama's grand plan to meet and negotiate without preconditions with Iran was met with demands. The first demand centered on Iranian nuclear capabilities. Iran will not give them up no matter what Obama negotiates away from America's arsenal. The next condition or demand from Iran was for the United States to apologize for some undefined transgression. Now Iran says Obama's willingness to appease them at any cost is simply a sign of American weakness and failure.

The Iranians no far more than Obama. The Iranians and other brutal regimes have been emboldened by the weakness the Obama embraces. Obama went as far as saying he wanted the diplomatic relations to return to were they were 30-40 years ago. So searching for what that might mean I looked back to 1979 and found that was where the Iranians starting down their belligerent path. It was 1979 the last time a weak president was in control of our government and allowed the Iranians take and hold 52 American diplomats hostage for 444 days. Obama policies are resembling those of the last failed American president. Carter implemented the weakest American Foreign policy of the past century and hardened the souls of our current enemies. I searched some more and found that directly related to the Iran crisis was Libya and Qaddafi. They too defied an American President. They too thought America was weak because of a failed former President. Again the French as is usual wanted America to sit on the sidelines and opposed any US retaliation for the bombing in a Berlin club that killed two Americans. The difference was that the United States stood its ground and retaliated. The diplomatic relations cooled for many years but eventually the Libyans came around as did most other brutal regimes. Now Obama wants to destroy what took decades to repair from the last failed Presidency. Carter destroyed the American image abroad. Since 4 American Presidents have worked tediously to repair the damage. Just forty short years ago America was coming home from a brutal war. Gasoline prices were going through the roof. Lines were 3 hours long waiting for much needed gasoline. OPEC had us by the shorts and we knew it. America wanted a change and elected the worst president of all time. Carter made the situation worse by weakening our position.

Now today we have very similar conditions. Rather than learn from the past Obama is taking right back to the failed policies of the past. Obama is weak and is opening America to be attacked. Obama may think its cute but there will be American lives lost due to his appeasement philosophy. The Iranians have already took the olive branch and slapped him up along side the head with it. Will America allow Obama continue undermining our strength or will it wake up and tell Obama to cool down on the appeasement policy. Allowing a weak president to weaken America will do nothing but ensure it takes another 30-40 years to recover.

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