Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lets Just Give Up Now

Just heard Nancy Pelosi say that she is receptive to the possibility of prosecuting ceratin Bush administration officials.

What has happened to our country? Everything has turned bass-ackwards, Harry Reid declares the war is lost, John Murtha calls Marines murderers, the Speaker of the House wants to prosecute Bush and his staff. Has everyone lost their minds? I can't believe people vote for these freaks.

Here's what needs to be done to make liberals happy: quit. Quit everything, pull the troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Korea, Japan, everywhere. Dismantle the military to pre-WWII level, and be nice to everyone. Stop any attempt to defend our borders, open up the gates and let everyone in. Do away with that nasty immigration paperwork. Provide free health care, free college tuition, free housing and free food and gas to anyone who can prove they are not American citizens. And be nice to everyone.

Completely dismantle our dangerous intelligence apparatus, the CIA, NSA, NRO, even the FBI. If you are nice to everyone, you don't need it. Abandon the Israelis and stay out of affairs in the Middle East. Let Iran develop nuclear weapons and be nice to everyone. Embrace North Korea and leave South Korea immediately, those troops aren't necessary if everyone is nice to everyone else. Remember, we caused 9/11 because we were not being nice to Arab terrorists, no more of nice to the Taliban, HAMAS, Al Queada, and all those other poor, misunderstood terrorists who enjoy sawing off people's heads with pocket knives.

So much money could be saved just by being nice. While we're at it, let's go ahead and volunteer to pay more taxes so our corrupt politicains will have more money to piss away on pork barrel projects.

Liberal theology holds that the US is to blame for almost everything. We created terrorists, 9/11 was our fault, Bush caused Katrina, a well trained team of government agents and KKK members blew the dikes in New Orleans. The Asian tsunami death toll was our fault because we didn't warn people it was coming, the largest contributor to global warming [now called "climate change" because it's cold as hell] is the US, it's Bush's fault that the democrats forced banks to give mortgages to people who had no money, we are evil because we expect foreigners to go through a legal immigration process. You can't display our national flag in public anymore because it may offend a person who is probably here illegally. Christmas is a bad word, Christianity is evil and will not be tolerated in public schools, students can wear a T-shirt with a Hamas flag, but a T-shirt with the American flag draws resentment from faculty and other students alike. Our universities are full of liberal professers teaching people that America is evil.

Have we all gone Rosie O'Donnell insane? Maybe the liberals would be happy, if, in the name of diversity, we just gave up our national identity completely. Create a new national flag, abolish our history and traditions. Events like the 4th of July will be banned because it celebrates the birth of an oppressive nation.

I will never understand how or why so many Americans despise their own country. What motivates so many of our educators to teach our children that America is an evil, oppressive nation? We do not have to worry about destruction from foreign elements, America's demise, when it comes, will come from within.

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