Saturday, January 31, 2009

Iraq Elections Peaceful, How Depressing

We know how much the media loves carnage, that's why today's events in Iraq must be depressing for the overpaid network talking heads. Iraq held violence free national elections today for 440 seats. There were over 14,000 candidates, around 4,000 of them women.

Under Saddam's rule, the ballot had one name, and Iraqis checked yes or no to keep him in power. Anyone want to guess how many people voted no? Only the ones with a death wish. And if you were a good looking young woman out on the street, one of Saddam's sons may have had his thugs kidnap you for a little non-consensual sex. How the Iraqis must miss that family.

Violence free elections are a sign that Iraq is headed toward what passes for stabilization in many Arab nations, a welcome occurrence that may hasten the withdrawal of US troops before the planned 2011 reduction of forces in Iraq. Minus film clips of blood, gore, and grieving civilians, expect the network news to spend very little time reporting the good news out of Iraq. The bad news is that non-events in Iraq give the media more time to gush over Obama's man boobs, or his wife's clothes, or maybe his kid's dog, or what he ate for lunch today, get my point.


bullmoosegal said...

And yet, Pres. Obama feels free to helpfully instruct the Iraqis on what to do now:

Lizard in Exile said...

Unfortunately for the US, it looks like we have elected an arrogant, immature man-child to the presidency. He clearly does not understand Iraq or the danger terrorists pose to the world, see Gitmo.