Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bi-Partisan Era?

According to the pathetic pawns of the soon to be defunct main stream media, Barack Obama is ushering in a new era of bi-partisanship. Barack Obama talked a good game about bringing Americans together. Obama was to work across the aisle and govern from the center. It is beginning to look like that was nothing more than a gimmick. A soundbite to fool the masses. It is beginning to look like Obama is nothing but hot air and rhetoric when it comes to bi-partisanship because his actions tell the story of a far left liberal masquerading as a centrist.

Obama scolded and derided the republicans since his swearing in. First, Obama reversed a ban on funding international organizations that promote abortion. Obama's views and actions regarding abortion are not mainstream and they are not centrist. Obama is out of step with most Americans on this issue. Obama supported infanticide while in the Illinois legislature and now provides American taxpayer dollars to international organizations promoting abortion. America is a country undress extreme economical duress and yet one of his first actions as President is to ensure more of our hard earned tax dollars is provided to international organizations that support his liberal agenda.

As if it wasn't bad enough to force tax payers to promote abortion internationally, Obama also is developing a bailout package laden with nonsensical initiatives that will costs millions. In the name of stimulus Obama is initiating a contraceptive program that will end up costing the tax payers of this country millions of dollars. Please explain how having the government pay for contraceptives is going to stimulate an economy on the brink of collapse. This stimulus plan started a 700 billion with the Bush bailout. Next Obama suggested another stimulus of 500 billion. Then Senator Schumer one upped Obama and suggested another 700-750 billion. Now it is up to 825 billion dollars and which will cover giving away contraceptives at government express. This is an all together new approach to bringing health to the economy. I knew sex was powerful but now sex is supposed to heal the economy. I hope that concept goes well for the taxpayers. Complaints by the Republicans got them a stiff rebuke by Obama. Obama informed America it doesn't matter what the Republicans thought because well Obama won. I guess that is how bi-partisan is, it good to talk to Republicans to appear bi-partisan but in the end all that matters is that republicans accept Obama and all his policies. Going with the flow is Obama's definition of bi-partisanship.

Another fine example of Bi-partisanship was the warning Obama gave to Republicans not to listen to Rush Limbaugh. Again Obama scolded the Republicans and said "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done,". Another way of saying this is "hey Republicans if you want to have bi-partisanship you have to abandon your principles and agree with everything the Democrats say. In order to get along and be allowed a role in government you must go along with the liberal agenda Obama is going to implement. No matter the cost, no matter the American public priorities it is all about Obama and damn the rest. It has only been four days and already Obama has abandoned his pledge for Bi-partisanship. Will the pathetic pawns notice or are their notices planted to far up the chosen one's derriere to care.

Obama has no intention of being anything other a liberal. Obama will redistribute the wealth of a nation. My hope is that Obama will become the centrist he claimed to be during the campaign. I do not believe there is much chance of Obama staking out a centrist agenda but I have to hope. I have to hope because thus far his liberal agenda is taking America down the path towards bankruptcy. He his bankrupting the economy and he is bankrupting America's moral fabric. Obama has fell for the religion of liberalism and fallen into the trap of deceit and deception. I can only hope he eventually realizes that his liberal demigods are false prophets intent on destroying a nation.

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jj999 said...

I think we need some kind of stimulus package, but I agree that we certainly don't need any of the pork that is in some of the proposals. I hope the more conservative members of Obama's economic team and the Republicans in Congress can help guide the discussions toward fixing what is actually broken, but without wasting taxpayer money.

I recently saw articles on a few newspaper websites talking about how Obama was working with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to make sure that the stimulus package was smart and effective at fixing the economic problems, now and into the future. I take that as a very positive sign, since Democrats haven't always worked closely with the business community. And with their fiscally conservative outlook, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce can help Obama and the Democrats "see the light" about what is actually needed and what would just be unnecessary costs passed to the taxpayers.

The main points of their discussions have been making sure that the stimulus package includes tax relief, infrastructure funding, housing industry tax credits to assist homeowners, and reducing borrower & lending fees through the Small Business Administration. I agree with all four of those ideas because I think they would genuinely help the economy.

I noticed that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is asking for input from the public to let them know which of those proposals they support the most. The Chamber can then use that data in their discussions with Obama and members of Congress. Make sure to vote in their poll here -