Saturday, December 27, 2008

RNC Candidate: Out Of Bounds

A candidate for the chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) crossed lines that should have never been crossed. Chip Saltman sent out a holiday greeting to RNC committee members that should get him thrown out of the game. It's one thing to distribute material that portrays the opposition as hateful of America, but when it becomes race baiting and displays hateful politics it is unnecessary and out of bounds.

The Republican brand has been punished by the American people. Republicans must band together around a common theme and return to the principles that set the republican party apart from the Democratic Party. Barack Obama and the Democrats used race baiting tactics throughout the 2008 campaign season. Republicans took the high road for the most part and stayed away from the politics of race. The Republican party needs to continue taking the high road and show Mr. Saltman the door. The RNC should be appalled by this behavior. The Republican party is not the racist party that it is accused of by the liberal press. It is the party of individual freedom and the rule of law. The RNC needs to punish Saltman for his tasteless holiday CD that included "Barack The Magic Negro" and denounce this type of political hatred. It is one thing for Rush to play it on his radio show. It is totally different for a candidate for the RNC to be sending it out to RNC committee members. Rush gets paid for his radio show and that is what his listeners want to listen to. Rush is an entertainer not a National Political Party leader. Saltman is a candidate for leading the Republican party out of the wilderness. Saltman no longer deserves to be listened to. Saltman is a bigot that displayed his racial hatred. Saltman needs to be denounced and relegated to playing waterboy. Saltman is someone the Republicans can do without. Republicans need to take the high road out of the wilderness. Let the Democrats continue with the politics of division, the politics of hate, and the politics of the gutter. Send Saltman home and never look back. Saltman is a part of the problem not the solution; Saltman is out of bounds.

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