Sunday, December 7, 2008

Republicans: Alive and Competing

Immediately following this years elections many were writing the Republican Party Obituary. The pathetic pawns in the media portrayed the Republican party as being in a state of disarray. Many reporters and editors in the Democratic party propaganda wing forged the idea that Republicans were in the wilderness and may never recover. However, recent election results show nothing could be further from the truth.

William "Cold Hard Cash" Jefferson lost his reelection bid. Jefferson came from a far left district and represented the greater New Orleans area. This seat was the safest of safe Democratic seats. A Republican has not held this seat in over 100 years. In fact when Joseph Cao will be the only Republican representing a predominately African American district. This election happened after the Obama sweep in November and demonstrates that the November election was more a referendum on Bush than it was the Republican party.

Saxby Chambliss won the runoff election against his Democratic opponent by 15%. On election night Chambliss won by 3% so the win was not unexpected. However, the size of the win demonstrates the shallowness of the Democratic Party support. The 12% margin between November 4th and December 4th demonstrates the racial motivations of segments within the electorate. With Obama on the ticket Jim Martin was within three points. Without Obama on the ticket Martin was a disaster. African Americans displayed their racial motivations by showing up for Obama but staying home for Martin.

A third election was held after the November 4th election. The last one was a Republican hold of an open seat. John Fleming won a seat from retiring Jim McCreary. While this seat is merely a hold it is a seat the Democrats felt they would take. In the end the Democrats could not take a vulnerable district.

Without Obama on the ticket Democrats are 0-3 since November. The Republican party has two Governorships in play in November 2009. In Virginia, the Incumbent is barred from running for reelection. this is a potential pickup for the Republicans and will go a long way in determining the health of the Republican party in the State. Obama won this state going away. However, the sitting Democratic Governor Tin Kaine is not all that popular and potential Democrats are not all that strong. This is a potential pickup that would go a long way in shoring up Republican support in the old Dominion state. Another potential pickup in the Governors race is in New Jersey. The incumbent has a huge money advantage as Jon Corzine will invest his own money attempting to stay in office. However, Corzine is not very popular at this point in time with high negatives. Over half of New Jersey voters disapprove of Corzine. A strong Republican contender will bring a Blue state in play.

The death of the Republican party is greatly over stated. The Republicans are the out party right now and need to develop a strong message. Republicans over the last few years delivered an incoherent message. Republicans in Congress forgot their roots and sent spending skyrocketing. Scandals swept many Republicans out of office. Ear marks and deficit spending kept party faithful at home as they believed the Republican party should be punished for abandoning their principles. Now is the time to develop a unifying message that will bring the base together. The bickering between the various wings of the party need to stop. If Republicans are going to make a comeback they need to be unified. The Foreign policy hawks, the social conservatives and fiscal conservatives need to get along. Since the election many critics within the Republican party complained about "RINOs" and moderates. These are not the problem with the party. The problem with the party is that the leaders forgot the message. The leaders of the party became corrupt with power in Washington. Republicans are not dead; they just need a reawakening. All Republicans need to rally around the principles of the party and the Republicans will be fine. Remember the Democrats must now govern. Bush and the Republicans will not be around to blame.

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