Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obamamania Can Be Costly

Supposedly concerned for her reputation and her family's safety, Helen Jones-Kelly, tireless Obama supporter and hapless idiot, resigned her position today as director of Ohio's Department of Job and Family Services. You'll recall that Jones-Kelly ordered an illegal records search on Samuel Wurzelbacher aka "Joe the Plumber", using state computers to access confidential information about Mr. Wurzelbacher.

Apparently Jones-Kelly was incensed that Joe had gained noteriety by inadvertantly getting Obama to admit his intentions to "spread the wealth" of Americans. She is also accused of using her state owned BlackBerry to send solicitations for political donations to the Obama campaign. Ohio Governor Ted Strickland suspended Jones-Kelly for thirty days after her actions were exposed by a worker in her department. The employee had been coerced by Jones-Kelly's subordinates to cover up the illegal records search.

Strickland's spokesman issued this statement; "The governor values Helen Jones-Kelly's years of public service as a dedicated advocate for the most vulnerable among us. He understands her decision and accepts her resignation." A ridiculous comment about a woman who obviously lacks any kind of ethical constraints. Wuzelbacher, like the other citizens of the state of Ohio, was vulnerable to this woman, and her powerful position, but she wasn't much of an advocate for him. Is it "public service" to use state resources to illegally collect confidential information about your adversaries, and then have your employees attempt to cover it up?

Hey lady, don't feel bad, it didn't work for Richard Nixon either. Don't worry about your reputation, just pack your stuff and get the hell out.

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