Sunday, December 21, 2008

Morons in the Media

Do the smart kids major in journalism? Judging by today’s media, the answer is definitely, no. Chris Matthews, Harry Smith, Brian Williams, Matt Lauer, these people certainly are not amongst our nation’s best and brightest. The old media have become a pathetic joke, the only people who take them seriously anymore, are themselves. It’s hilarious when they invite each other over for an interview, like Matthews having Tom Brokaw on his show. Only another media type would think that anything Brokaw (or Matthews for that matter) has to say is worth listening to.

The complete breakdown of objectivity on all things Obama will only hasten the end of the old style media in this country. This messiah like Obama worship has exposed the true depths of stupidity in the media today. If you believe all the media hype, we have just elected a man who is Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and JFK all rolled into one.

"There are many who had such an optimistic and hopeful opinion of things, and you certainly can’t expect things to change on a dime overnight, but there are many who suggested that with the outgoing Bush administration and the incoming Obama administration there would be something of a lull in terrorism attacks. There had been such a global outpouring of affection, respect, hope, with the new administration coming in, that precisely these kinds of attacks, it was thought — at least hoped — would be dampered down. But in this case it looks like Barack Obama is getting a preview of things to come."

- MSNBC anchor Alex Witt after the Mumbai attacks

The colossal ignorance demonstrated by comments such as this is almost unimaginable in anyone over the age of ten. Yet statements like this have become commonplace from our slobbering, pandering media. Apparently Alex didn’t see the latest video from Al Qaeda’s number 2 man concerning Obama. A lull in terrorism attacks because they love Obama? Can this person be serious? I can only hope that Ms. Witt chooses not to procreate. The media have begun an all out butt-kissing contest when it comes to Obama and his family. Barbara Walters, named him the most fascinating person of 2008, and had this to say;

"His belief that there is a place in America for someone who transcends the usual labels has brought us all to this place....In becoming President, he has redeemed the American promise that an individual can make his own destiny and create a new world. We are all members of that new world now, and that for us makes him the Most Fascinating Person of 2008. Good luck, Mr. President."

- ABC’s Barbara Walters

She makes absolutely no sense at all, but you don’t have to be coherent when you’re praising the great one. The newest rage infecting Obama worshipers is the demand to immediately swear Obama in as president. The slobbering media sycophants simply can’t wait until January twentieth for their king to be crowned.

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sea said...

That 'there is a place' at the top 'in America for someone' who rose through the corrupt Chicago political machine's ranks, whose friends include radicals, terrorists and convicted criminals, whose vision of 'transparency' includes intimidation, suppression of opposing views and 'adjusting his facts' daily, is a sad, low point for our country.

That the 'free press' fantasizes instead of simply reporting what happens is tragic. Journalism, always an 'iffy' profession anyway, by not printing the way things really are -- the straightforward who, what, when and where -- has dropped all pretense of duty and integrity.
Can market forces send them the way of dinosaur automakers, or will we the people bail them out, too? Go Lizard ....