Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vindication: NBC Affiliate Reports On Obama Eligibility


That did not last long. I just linked on RCP to the actual article from NBC Augusta and it was scrubbed in under 15 minutes. Someone really does not want this story seeing the light of day.

I have been vindicated. My blog posts to Real Clear Politics have been scrubbed from their website. There was never any reasons provided and emails to the webmaster were left unanswered. I am sure my posts were scrubbed for one of two reasons. First and most likely is that Obama supporters keep reporting my posts because they are striking close to home. Never mind that I only reported facts. I never claimed the merits of the lawsuits only that they were in the court system at various stages. The second reason is that RCP views the birth certificate stories as false conspiracy theories. This is plausible however, my posts never delved into conspiracy theories. I simply reported on the fact that at least 6 lawsuits were pending against the President elect. The blog posts were absolutely true and on point.

Never did the Obama supporters really read what was written. They just claimed that the Lizard was a conspiracy theorist lunatic. Nothing could be further from the truth. My only claim is that Obama could very easily get rid of these lawsuits by simply providing evidence that he is a natural born citizen.

Now on Drudge there is an article from NBC Augusta that reports the same thing I did. In the NBC report they reported that Alan Keyes has a lawsuit pending against Obama. I wonder if that article is linked on RCP if they would scrub that article also? I guess I will have to find out.

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