Sunday, November 23, 2008

The United Socialist States

America is about to journey down the path of outright Marxist Socialism. Obama was the most liberal Senator in the past Congress, in fact he was left of the admitted Socialist Bernie Sanders. However, don't let Obama's past speak for itself lets allow Obama's recent actions speak loudest.

First, Obama offers Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State post. Now Hillary's strength was never her ability to be a Statesman. No Hillary's strength was her ability to get her head around complex issues, boil them down to a few cause and effect diagrams and develop potential solutions. Hillary was never the diplomat sitting down for a chit chat concerning policy. No she got her head around the issue and then bulldogged it until it became law. Hillary would have been better suited for other cabinet posts like health and human services. Instead she was offered a post that she is ill suited. Hillary's foreign policy stances are far different than Obama's. In fact, her stated positions are closer to John McCain then they are Obama. The only logical reason for placing Hillary in as Secretary of State is to hide her. Obama does not want Hillary harping from the Senate floor. Obama does not want Hillary speaking out against the Socialist domestic policy Obama plans on getting through a friendly Congress.

Second, look at the Attorney General selection. Eric Holder secured the pardon of 16 FALN members. FALN is a violent Puerto Rican nationalist group that set off 120 bombs in the United States mostly in Chicago and New York. Take this as well as Obama's own associations and family friendship with domestic terrorist William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Ayers now preaches his socialist program to our nations future while they attend college. This indoctrination is impressed upon the young minds of our next generation. With the Eric Holder pick as Attorney General it will surely be an administration that is kind to violent domestic terrorists.

Third, we have the selection of Tom Daschle as Secretary of Health and Human services. Daschle is a partisan hack. While the pathetic pawns claims the cabinet selections are pragmatists and not ideologues. This pick certainly does not fit that meme. Daschle was defeated in his 2004 reelection bid to the Senate. Daschle was Senate Majority leader and wielded great power. Most voters back home value representatives that wield this type of power. Yet Daschle no longer represented his constituents. Daschle became a partisan hack that leaned towards the Marxist side of the political spectrum. Thus too far from the left of the political center for even his constituents to feel safe with in spite of the power to bring home the earmarks.

Fourth, on the economy Obama has promised to create 2.5 million jobs in the next two years. Never mind that this is about half of what the economy normally creates in that time look at what type of jobs he is creating. No Obama is not creating private sector jobs; he is creating public sector jobs. Obama's job creation involve building roads (Public), Teachers (public), Alternative Fuel (public and private). There is no doubt most jobs created in the Obama economy will be public sector. Expanding the government will increase the monies necessary to operate thus the need for increased taxes. The Obama economy will destroy more private sector jobs than the public sector can keep up with. No wonder Obama tells everyone it will take 4-5 years to get of this mess; Obama has no idea how to get out. His only answer seems to be increase taxes and create public works. This is not sound economic policy. It has been tried before and failed miserably.

Finally, the bailouts. Today Obama surrogates were busy suggesting that the $700 billion already appropriated was nowhere near enough. Senator Shumer suggested another $700 billion might be necessary. Additionally, the Congress wishes to bailout Citigroup and Detroit. The current administration already provided citibank $25 billion and now owns a part of a private bank, now Obama is talking providing even more money to bail them out further increasing the public ownership of our banks. Socialist countries nationalize institutions and that is the path Obama is taking us down. The auto industry is also looking for a government handout. Now House members Pelosi and Frank both have said that the CEO's must make a change to the business practices but that the Unions are to be left alone. A bailout of the auto industry is another step in nationalizing our industrial base. In the end all that will be left is public work and union labor. This is just another step towards a welfare state and marching us closer to a marxist state.

Obama is not pragmatic as the pathetic pawns would have us believe. His selections thus far are intended to keep his friends close (Daschle and Holder) and his enemies closer (Hillary). Obama will allow his friends to turn our representative democracy into a marxist state with the aid of his civil defense corps. All this while Obama will blame Hillary for his foreign policy neglect. Left unchecked Obama will turn our country into the United Socialist States.

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STFU you racist! This always was a socialist nation!