Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Terror Runs Wild In India Today

Today terrorists sent a stark reminder of their intentions. A group called the Deccan Mujahadeen claimed responsibility for today's deadly attacks in Mumbai (Bombay), India. At least 80 people are dead and 250 injured. The terrorists also have taken at least 40 hostages and are holding out the Taj Mahal Hotel and the Trident Hotel. The terrorists actively pursued American or British nationals.

Here is a video of the terrorist attacks:

This terrorist attack is a stark reminder that there are groups in this world that refuse to tolerate or accept Western culture. The terrorists are out to destroy the western culture and our way of life. This particular attack may have happened in a seemingly far away place but today's events go to show that everyone must remain vigilant. Many have conveniently forgotten what happened on our shores seven short years ago. This stark reminder should hit close to home. Never forget, and always remain cognizant of our environment. Remember Freedom is not Free.

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