Thursday, November 6, 2008

Teachers Union: Fails at Education; Why Not Browbeat

The Teachers Union has failed America in the basic education that they should be providing our children. Yet the "educator" in this video displays her lack of knowledge and browbeats a child who has a different opinion and spreads the out of context theme from the Obama campaign and displays her lack of knowledge and understanding of the facts concerning John McCain's "100 years" statement.

This is the hope and change Obama speaks of to his cult followers. Obama Wants these type of people teaching our children cultural and social development skills. These same type of educators have failed in their charter of teaching our children reading, writing, and arithmetic and now want to delve into culture and social development. Our nation is falling behind in science and technology skills as evidenced by sinking SAT scores and poor teachers with ignorant and uninformed opinions want to teach the future of America. They browbeat the children of our proud serving hero's at the expense of real educational goals.

Teachers like this need to be fired and sent packing. There is no room for teachers that push their uninformed opinions in social education. They failed in their charter and yet push a liberal agenda on young and impressionable children. It is the responsibility of parents to teach their children social skills not the job of our teachers. I know they failed in their culture so what makes them think they will be able to pass on acceptable social behavior. They will fail America in that arena also. This is just another reason to rid our society of unions that take away any incentive to perform.


HeyJude said...

Lizard, this video says so much about the state of our educational system, and the ignorance of the teachers that are utterly failing our children. No lest the total indoctrination.

In God We Trust. May he keep us safe through these times.

Thanks for all you do.

Denise-Mary said...

Oh my dear G-d this is just disgraceful. May I repeat that? DISGRACEFUL. This is not teaching, this is, plain and simply, INDOCTRINATION, and INTIMIDATION. But why am I not surprised, given the latter tactic was used so effectively at the caucuses?

Eclectic Mishmash - totally unfocused. said...

Seriously, I am shocked and appalled that this type of discussion occurred in the classroom. This teacher is obviously delusional, or at the very least, extremely un-self-aware. Those poor, impressionable children!!

I think I found this site in my search for more details about the Zogby poll of Obama supporters, that I only recently heard about.

I took a little look around, at several posts, and I agree with you on a lot of things.

As a very politically conservative public school teacher who is also a member of the union, this past election was galling in several ways. I do NOT support the official positions of the NEA and CTA, and feel very aggravated that my dues are used to support candidates that hold positions I consider to be abominable. I am and currently remain a member of the union for other reasons, and for now, take the bad with the good.

It is NEVER appropriate to use our position, on public property, for political purposes. We discussed the election, I inquired briefly about how informed my students were (then again, they are only in first grade, so they generally just mirrored what they had heard from their parents), and my main emphasis was on voting, elections, and offices as a way for communities and societies to function while relying on individuals' responsibilities.

Yuck. It is revolting and shameful that things like this occur in American in 2008.

Thanks for a great blog :).