Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sharing vs Mandates=Opportunity vs Socialism

The differences in this election could not be more divergent. John McCain is a moderate that believes in free market capitalism and smaller government. Barack Obama is a Socialist that believes in isolationism and larger government. John McCain believes in providing opportunity while Barack Obama believes in mandating sharing the wealth.

Just to show how out of touch Barack Obama really is here is a quote from the campaign trail "Soon they will being showing my communist tendencies because I shared my toys in Kindergarten". This is not the issue. Sharing toys is the friendly thing to do. It is what Americans do everyday. Americans always give to charity and come to the aid of those that are under duress. But this is not what Obama is proposing.

Obama is proposing taking the choice of charity away. In Obama's own example he would not be the one sharing his toys. He would not have had a choice. Under Obama's theory he would have given his toys to his teacher and the teacher would spread the toys around to whomever the teacher deemed appropriate. That is where the difference between the candidates lies.

John McCain is about opportunity. John McCain would share his toys with those in need. Barack Obama would have everyone give him the toys in order to have government decide who should get them. The choice is between a Moderate and a Socialist. Yes Obama you are a marxist. Your ideas are not about choosing to share but rather mandate sharing. A person that takes away the toys and mandates how the toys are spread is a socialist. A person that just shares toys is a person that would spread opportunity. You Obama are a Socialist.

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