Sunday, November 2, 2008

San Fran Radio Show Host: "I Want Joe the Plumber Dead"

A vote for Obama is a vote for radicals. Listen to this tirade from Charles Karel Bouley from a San Francisco radio show H/T Newsbusters:

Warning this video contains Profanity: or at Newsbusters:

Is this the type of people we want around the White House? We already know Obama has radical friends that were working for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (Khalidi), a Domestic Terrorist (Ayers), and a race baiting, hate filled, and anti American Reverend. Now this nut case wants "Joe The Plumber Dead". These are the allies of Barack Obama. These are not isolated associations as Obama wants us to believe. This is the type of person that is drawn to Obama. This is the type of person Obama eats formal dinners with. These are people from Obama's "neighborhood".

All McCain voters need to get out and vote like their livelihood depends on it... Because it does. Obama and his allies will destroy America.

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