Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reloading for 2010

The Republican party must now reload for the 2010 election cycle. The key to success in the next 20 months is defining the party and what it stands for. Republicans can not fall into the trap of being the opposition party. Playing the opposition party is the Democrat playbook. The Democrats have excelled at this even when they controlled both chambers of Congress. In ordinary years they were effective at this because there was divided government. That is not case here; it is more similar to 1992, where Democrats controlled the Congress and the executive branch. Republicans need to extend the olive branch and lead from the minority.

No longer will the Republicans be branded as Bush loyalists. Bush is gone less than 75 days. No longer will the Democrats be able to blame everything on the rubber stamp congress or Bush. They have to lead and offer real ideas that will reform our government. The democrats have very little in the form of ideas to offer. Obama run a campaign providing a tax cut on 95% of the people. In all likelihood this will become one of the extinct ideas of the Obama administration. The Republicans must answer the bell.

Republicans need to offer something to the American public and not just opposition. Republicans must return to the party of ideas. In 1994, Newt Gingrich offered the Contract with America. Now they need a contract to reform the American government. They must present ideas that will encourage economic growth and prosperity. When Obama comes for the wealth of America, Republicans must offer more than resistance. Republicans must offer an alternative tax plan. When Barney Frank goes after 25% of the military budget, Republicans must offer realistic Defense proposals that will adequately fund defense. When Obama offers plans for community organizer funding, Republicans must offer charitable alternatives. When Obama pushes for immigration amnesty Republicans must offer immigration reform that provides a path to further future immigration with our trading partners rather than amnesty. When Obama fails to push for drilling and an all above strategy.

In other words, Republicans must develop alternative courses of action. The Republican leadership must avoid being obstructionist. They will end up losing in the legislation agenda but by pushing a conservative agenda they will again be able to point out the differences between the parties. They must refrain from taking ear marks and must push for fiscal responsibility. The Democrats will attempt to take our party to the radical lefties that have hi-jacked their party. Republicans need an agenda that offers the stark contrasts between the parties.

Over the course of the last few years the Republicans in Washington forgot who they were representing. Washington changed good conservatives and these conservatives fell into the trap of taking and spending more than the economy could support. The Bush tax did everything intended. Revenues in 2007 to the IRS were a record and yet we still have a record deficit. Tax rates are not the problem; wasteful government spending is the problem. Republicans need to reload and deliver a coherent message. Reagan conservatism is not dead; it has been hibernating but now is the time to reload. Had McCain garnered as many votes as Bush in the 2004 election McCain would have won. For all the talk of a new electorate all the Republicans need to do is get back the Bush voters from 2004.


Arkady said...

Very good post, I do agree.

We must also rally and educate Americans in the fatal mistakes that the Democrats might be proned to making.

CKAinRedStateUSA said...


NO sir.

We've better re-rifle the cannon tube and get some cannon-cockers who know how to aim and shoot.

And we'd better have the right ammunition.

I wonder: Is it even possible to for the Republicans to find out who they are, as in finding out what they're brand is, and then communicating that effectively enough between now and essentially late 2009, when campaigning will begin for 2010?

not a dem anymore said...

If we don't have capitalism in this country we will no longer be a free country.

" One cannot be simultaneously free and dependent on the government. Our freedom to be all we can is what makes the United States unique. It is also what makes us good."

gto7 said...

Hey Lizard,

I wanted to alert you to an impt piece: A No Compromise Contributor, Jefferson Paine, posted a great piece on how to take back America called: GOP needs a “Freedom Contract with America”. Plz read this, post if you wish, and pass around the blog for posting if you know true Conservatives who are very angry with the RINO take over of our party! It’s time the Conservatives came out swinging!
Thanks a bunch!