Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama's Tax Cut: Sexist?

Obama may have introduced a tax cut that is sexist. Only working couples will receive that $1,000, everyone else will receive $500. That computer Obama says everyone will be able to know afford is either out the door or the computer will be a used and outdated one from ebay. This bribe that Obama has consistently pushed as a middle class tax cut of $1,000 is not what it appears. It actually punishes middle class families and women that stay at home to raise the family.

This Tax giveaway of $1,000 only goes to working families that have decided that society should be rising the children rather than responsible parents. Obama has decided that it is more important to get our children in school earlier in order to get them indoctrinated into the liberal establishment at a more impressionable age. Obama supports sex education for Kindergarteners and also desires to fund earlier pre-school programs. How long will it be until sex education is taught at all levels from pre-school through college.

Please tell me how this tax giveaway is not sexist. While some men stay at home the overwhelming majority of spouses that stay at home to raise their children are women. Women that make the choice to stay at home will be punished because of that choice. This tax giveaway gimmick is just another slap in the face to women who make choices.

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madEG said...

"Obama supports sex education for Kindergarteners"

Looking at this statement, misspelling et al, juxtaposed to your hysterical "I want you..." image: Please be reminded that disseminating lies and people pro-actively filtering your site are related.

For those who fail to know the facts: "Obama's sex education for Kindergartners" was related to educating them on child molesters, and the like. Don't believe the myth - this blogger is spreading a lie.

...I wonder where else it chastises Obama for being a Muslim while simultaneously castigating his having gone to a radical Christian church for 21 years... Odd no?

Hint: Your kind lost this election very badly. Move to your flyover state of choice, and leave the USA to people who think, and pay the great bulk of the taxes.

Now where is that bookmark function? Here we go: Alf-F-C...

An educated liberal who is much, much smarter than you..