Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama Wins Ohio

It looks like the Obama Kool Aid drinkers will bring in a sweeping democratic majority. It will be a very disheartening time for Americans that feel the country should come before partisan politics. The country will lurch to the left and Obama will become more than likely a figure head. The Democratic party will succumb to the radicals and America will begin to look a lot more European.

Obama will have a honey moon period even from McCain supporters. However, if in the end Obama follows the radicals to the left we will all suffer. I for one will provide Obama the benefit of the doubt. If however, in the end Obama runs the country as his actions have shown I will again be supporting the Republican party in two more years.


Anonymous said...

"america will begin to look a lot more european"

you mean free higher education, free health care, longer life expectancies, infinite sick leave, guaranteed workers benefits, guaranteed 3 week minimum paid vacation time (in some places over 4 weeks), lower infant mortality rates, a plethora of political parties, a higher standard of living, less violent crime, less censorship, ...?

america could learn a lot from europe if the uneducated majority wasn't so afraid of leaving their front porch, if they weren't caught up in 50's isolationist paranoia (THE COMMUNISTS ARE OUT TO GET US OMG!). Please, you are so afraid of the word socialist that you fail to look beyond your own noses to realize that the upper class of america, the CEOs that make 350 times more money than the average worker, get all socialist benefits their media and their bribed politicians convince you to not want!


The Lizard said...

Nothing in life is free. No most Europeans do not enjoy a higher standard of living. Why are there more Europeans looking to immigrate to the US than the other way around. Get out there and find some reality. Living in a microcosm of society is a shame.