Sunday, November 16, 2008

Obama Supporters Can't Handle The Truth

Yesterday I wrote an article concerning the pending lawsuits against Obama concerning his "natural born" status. Additionally, in the article I linked to a post where a retired federal agent called Obama's selective service registration into question. The article was also posted to Real Clear Politics. After receiving the requisite 10 votes the article made the front page of Real Clear Politics.

After the article entitled "Obama: Two Eligibility Issues Refuse To Go Away" was displayed on the front page for 4 hours and 4 new articles received the requisite 10 votes my article was pushed back to the second RCP page. Then inexplicably, my article disappeared from RCP in its entirety after receiving 30 votes. There was no explanation as the article stayed up for over six hours in total. The only explanation that could possibly explain the disappearance after so long on RCP was that some Obama Supporter complained and took offense to the article.

There was absolutely no reason for the article to be taken down. I never opined on the merits of the cases. I only stated that I believed Judge Surrick erred in his ruling by saying taxpayers and citizens could only be granted standing by Congress. I stand by that belief. It is we the citizens that provide our Congress standing not the other way around. America is a representative democracy it is not a country that is "ruled" by the government.

So, today I added an update to the article and re-posted it to RCP. Again it made the requisite 10 votes to make the front page. The article stayed there until one Obama commented on my site. Shortly thereafter the article was again taken down and scrubbed from the website. I must believe that after eight years of tearing down the Bush administration that the liberal left in general and the Obama supporters specifically, will not allow honest open discussion. The right to free speech is only good from the left. Dissent is not allowed from the right.

Last summer, Obama supporters illegally used SPAM to have Anti Obama sites shut down as SPAM sites. This happened to many anti-Obama sites and in fact was reported by FOX news. Obama supporters have been very busy this election cycle ensuring the message never got out that Obama was really an empty suit that took every advantage ever presented to him.

So we have an active component of the Obama team silencing anything negative regarding the "Chosen One". There was no reason to shut down anti-Obama websites this summer. There was no reason to write RCP and demand that my article along with other articles regarding the same subject be scrubbed from their site. Of course there was no reason other than trying to coverup and hide whatever it is that Obama is hiding. Obama supporters can't handle the truth.


jeanniejo said...

Thanks, Lizard --

I respect you tremendously ---

papundits said...

Great post!
I see your having trouble at Google with posting.

We'd like to repost, with proper attribution, at PA Pundits International.

Thank you

The Lizard said...


Thanks cross posting helps get the word out. Also I just added PA Pundits to my Blog List.

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Well, it seems there's free speech and Obama's and his minions interpretation -- that is, fear and censorship -- of it.

I'll put something up at American Sentinel and hotlink to your posts re: whatever is going on.

We all have to remember: Illegitimi non carborundum!

And, daily, it appears we keep seeing who the illgeitimi and their junior illegitimi are.

Keep pouring it on.

BTW: If you're up to it, why not just keep publishing that article, with a different hede and lead graf (or blurb) for RCP?

The Lizard said...


Thanks. I will repost this article. It will continue to go up until RCP let's it stand, they cancel my account, or the issues are resolved.

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Two more thoughts.

One, it could be that the Obamabots are hacking the RCP site.

Two, as a fellow poster elsewhere suggested, it is RCP's site, so they can do whatever

I'm guessing that you have, but have you sent complaints to the RCP Webmaster about this?

If so, have you gotten any response?

if so, would you publish it/those?

The Lizard said...


I have written the webmaster earlier today. As yet I have not received anything from them. I will post any correspondence I receive.

My belief is that the article received complaints from Obama supporters. The first article was up yesterday for a long time. It sat on the front page for 4 hours. The article sat on the second page for at least two more hours after four new articles received the 10 votes to make the front page. Today the article was up there on the front page for an hour. It was removed right after an Obama supporter commented on my site. It certainly seems Obama supporters are trying to keep these lawsuits quiet.

I appreciate all of the readers of my site today. Many have come out in full support of our first amendment right of free speech. I certainly understand the fact that RCP is a web site with high credibility. I believe in what they do to get the word out from bloggers. Usually the web moderation is fair to all bloggers. I think they would be fair here but again it seems Obama supporters are slamming this article.

Barb in Pinellas said...

Boo Hoo. Cry me a river. Let's see you post this comment. Not likely.

The Lizard said...


I'll leave your comment. Your immature thoughts matter little to me.

The Lizard said...


At least your leave your name. I see you either don't have a Blog (which means you have no stake in this) or are not proud enough of your work to include it here.

Either way, you don't have a dog in this fight so your meaningless drivel means nothing.

Jon said...

Do you know the great satisfaction it gives us Obama supporters to see you people resort to wasting your time with conspiracy theories. I am so happy America has spoken and thrown your kind to the curb.

God bless Obama, and above all, God Bless the USA!

The Lizard said...


It is obvious that you are incapable of reading. Please keep up.

It was only reported that there were at least three lawsuits pending against Obama and that sooner or later whatever it is he is hiding will come out.

I'm not sure what "my kind" is other than a representative of middle class America.

The Lizard said...


Please read my comments to Barb. You have no dog in this fight.

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Dear Lizard,

You know you're wasting time trying to speak anything non-emotional to the Obamabots, such as the two who've posted.

But you'll notice the first didn't think you'd post her response. That's a reflection of her mindset and how the lefto-blogosphere operates.

Give them credit, though: There were civil.

BTW: I agree with Jon: May God bless the USA.

And, truly, may God bless Obama. With a real knowledge of Him, the real Lord, the real Messiah, and not that racially separatist and apostate junk to which he was exposed at TUCC.

And may God bless Obama with common sense and the revelation that he is president of ALL Americans, not just the special interests, especially those from the left.

May God also bless Obama's family and protect him and his family from any harm.

The Lizard said...


I agree. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just before the election some blogs with any mention of McCain/Palin in them were spammed so that they were so slow you couldn't even get into them. I was at a private site that had a McCain/Palin title in it and our administrator just changed the name of it so we could get back on again. I believe we may all have to do this in the years to come.

After the (Un)Fair Doctrine is passed to shut down the conservative talk radio, then the internet will be taken over even more so. Any conservative discussion will be taken down when and where ever they find it. Be prepared it is not going to get any easier. This is just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Obama's job application form? 7 pages of one's entire life history including all email accounts and posts. The KGB and Gestapo wish they had came up with it. The irony is these Obamabot bloggers could not even get a job with Obama. Obama's youth squad a bunch of Useless idiots being played by team Obama.