Sunday, November 23, 2008

Obama Shrouded In Mystery

Barack Obama is best summarized as the mystery man. There is no one that really knows anything about him prior to 1992. All we know is that Obama befriended domestic terrorists, Obama attended Trinity United Church for 20 years, Obama attended Harvard Law school, Obama attended Columbia University, Obama attended Occidental College, and Obama was a community organizer. We do not know where Obama was born, what his thesis was about, what type of grades he received, what he stood for the Illinois Legislature (Other than Infanticide), whether or not he registered for the selective service as required or what his health records contain. The question as always is what exactly is Obama hiding that he so desperately hides.

Obama continues to hide the facts surrounding his eligibility for the Presidency. Recently, Mike Clark from "Mike In The Morning" made a phone call to the Ambassador from Kenya. The ambassador did not help Obama in this interview. Seemingly, the Ambassador agrees with the conspiracy theorists (Philip Berg, Leo Donofrio, Alan Keyes, and others) that indeed Obama was born in Kenya. Much can be said in regards to whether or not the Kenyan Ambassador really understood the questions or implications of his responses but the fact can not be changed that the Kenyan Ambassador said Obama was born not in Hawaii but rather Kenya. Courtesy of Stuck On Stupid here is a video confirming the call to Peter Ogego the Kenyan Ambassador:

Take this as well as the audio tape of Obama's paternal Grandmother saying she was present at the Kenyan Hospital to witness Obama's birth and there is circumstantial evidence Obama is not everything he says he is. This may be circumstantial evidence but when there are two witnesses (Grandma Obama and Peter Ogego) stating Obama was born in Kenya it definitely leads one to question why Obama is hiding his vault copy of his birth certificate. There are at least two cases before the US Supreme Court regarding Obama's eligibility. Additionally, there will probably be a third from Alan Keyes. I have heard all I need to from the Obama supporters. They keep stating that the short form birth certificate proves Obama was born in Hawaii. They use the claim from Hawaii Department of Health that they have seen the "Vault copy" and it exists and that the short form discloses what is always disclosed on the short form. However, they never came out said "Obama was born in Honolulu". Now the State officials can not say more than they have without Obama's permission. But of course Obama refuses because he is hiding something.

Another question is the registration for the selective service. Debbie Schlussel offers compelling evidence that Obama may not have legally registered for the selective service as required. It seems as though Obama may have used a form not in existence in 1980 when Obama was required to sign up. Additionally, the Document Location Number may be one from 2008 rather than 1980. Now Obama claims that he once considered joining the military but now it seems he did not register as required.

Now we also now close to nothing regarding the Obama college years. The university claims it has misplaced or lost Obama's thesis paper. Obama refuses to release any of the records regarding his attendance. We do not have any records that he even actually attended these colleges or for that matter how. There are rumors that Obama may have received "foreign Student" allowances and scholarships. This falls in line with the claim that Obama may not be a "natural born" citizen. Obama has provided nothing in the form of documentation in regards to his credentials. Obama is a hollow man with no resume. Obama continues hiding his past.

The Supreme Court must enforce the constitution. We the people deserve the highest law of the land to be upheld. The media neglected to objectively vet Obama and allowed him to receive a pass on the normal scrutiny a candidate receives. We as Americans know more about a relative unknown private citizen "Joe the Plumber" than we know about the President elect. Obama is shrouded in mystery. The courts must now act and uphold our laws. Obama must be forced to answer the "Natural Born" question. Revealing Obama birth records may shed even more light on the hollow man. Eventually, everyone will know exactly what it is Obama is hiding. For now, suffice it to say Obama has not proved his eligibility to become President of the United States.


Ted said...

The Supreme Court CANNOT DUCK Obama's Birth Certificate Constitutional Crisis (albeit the media blackout on the issue). The messiah will NOT become President! This 90-minute blogradio program explains why:

Trader Rick said...

Wouldn't that be a hoot if this arrogant fellow had to watch Biden get sworn in as President! Would he open up an Office of the Ex-President Elect and commission a seal???

Trader Rick said...

Wouldn't that be a hoot if this arrogant fellow had to watch Biden get sworn in as President! Would he open up an Office of the Ex-President Elect and commission a seal???

Anonymous said...

Point of Contact: 866-585-9734

Leo Donofrio attempted to file this lawsuit BEFORE the election, but was thwarted by one of the Law Clerks who is also named in this Obstruction of Justice lawsuit.


[MEDIA UPDATE:] Nov.21.2008 - Today, Leo Donofrio learned that New Jersey Appellate Division Judge Jack M. Sabatino has failed to correct the public record of the initial lower court case. Leo Donofrio feels it is imperative that he bring this battle public. Therefore, he will appear on the Plains Radio Network with Ed Hale tonight at 9:00 PM EST. Leo Donofrio will also appear on Overnight AM with Lan Lamphere at 11:00 PM EST as well.
Today, Leo C. Donofrio filed, with the NJ Supreme Court's Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct, an official allegation of Judicial Misconduct against Appellate Division Judge Jack M. Sabatino with regard to the initial stage of this litigation which was originally filed in the NJ Superior Court, Appellate Division. The case, having come directly from an appeal to the New Jersey Supreme Court is now before the the United States Supreme Court, "DISTRIBUTED for Conference of December 5, 2008″ before all nine Supreme Court Justices.